Friday, May 26, 2017

Virtual Fridge for May

This week, I was able to get my son to help me try out some new tempera paint sticks for a review. We used Thin Stix 6pk Classic Colors from the Pencil Grip, Inc. to paint a wooden box that will be storage for his styluses and pencils. My son painted the background colors and chose the designs while I helped draw the Yoda and completed the Star Wars lettering for him.

We also painted a wooden skateboard. My son painted the skateboard black as he wanted it to look authentic. Then, I helped him add the flames. To make the flames "pop," we painted them red and then added yellow on top of the red and blended them.

Finally, I tried the paint sticks on a cardboard cross. I had wanted to write believe on the cross. However, I could not write the letters small enough to fit on the cross with the larger pain tips.

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