Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Homeschool Review Crew Review: Homeschool Rescue from Only Passionate Curiosity

When we choose to Homeschool our children, we take on a humungous task filled with responsibility that can sometimes drain us. Former Review Crew member and Homeschool blogger extraordinaire Heather Aliano from Only Passionate Curiosity has created a new online course, Homeschool Rescue, for homeschool parents. She designed it to help breathe new life into your homeschool. I'm honored to share my review of this new online course with you.

Are you just as excited as your children to have summer break right around the corner? Do you find yourself wondering if you can homeschool your children for another year? Do you ever wonder if you have the skills and knowledge it takes to homeschool? Are you feeling weary, frazzled, or like you have nothing left to give? Do you find yourself yelling more often? Then perhaps it is time for you to take a step back and breathe some life and fresh air into your homeschool. There's no better time than during the summer. You can think of it as a boot camp for your sanity in preparation for next year's homeschool journey. Who better to walk this journey with you than seasoned homeschooler Heather Aliano who has a passion for homeschool families. One of the additional blessings is that you will find you aren't alone when you join the Homeschool Rescue Facebook Group. (Please note this is a Members Only group.) This group is a great place to exchange ideas and learn from other homeschool families. After all, we could all use some support and encouragement from time to time! And, as Christians, aren't we called to encourage one another?

Module One focuses upon your homeschool. It helps you get a feel for the state of your homeschool and gives you a reality check as well as plan for the year ahead. It also helps you get to know your students better by determining their learning styles. This module offers practical advice for those who feel overwhelmed, ready to quit, in over their heads, or just need a little reassurance.

Module Two discusses healthy boundaries. Did you know it is okay to say no? This section also helps you learn time management skills. How to teach your children to be independent learners is also discussed as well as time saving ideas. Lastly, this unit talks about organization skills. A lesson I desperately need yet never seem to be able to achieve.

Module Three covers curriculum (Because let's be honest, there are so many types of curriculum available with more coming on the market every day. It can be overwhelming!), planning your year and setting your pace, preparing for lessons and buying supplies, and establishing your work space.

Module Four talks about reward systems, helping children learn about consequences, and training children through example.

Module Five is about raising teenagers. This is definitely another section that is relevant to my situation since my son is now 16 years old. It also covers study skills and helping your teens learn to manage their time. You will be learning how to prepare them for their journey into college.

...and there is More to Come!!!

Homework and Resources:

Each lesson will contain homework. Was that a groan I just heard? Your children are probably thinking; "That's poetic justice." The homework doesn't take very long. To get the full effect of the course, I highly suggest you complete each assignment. After all, you are paying to get the full benefit of the course. These assignments are to help you delve deeper and to get your homeschool back on track. For example, one lesson will have you complete a Mission Statement for your homeschool. My family has actually named our Homeschool His Helping Hands Homeschool. Writing a Mission Statement for our Homeschool gives it a direct purpose. Having a purpose, helps us stay focused. A small little task that has a potentially big outcome.

Throughout the lessons, Heather has provided links to various resources. Take advantage of these resources. They can help broaden your knowledge base and be a source of further useful information. For example, one lesson provides a link to homeschool laws by state. If you are new to homeschooling or have run into a new issue, this could be a wealth of information to you. Another link provides information on learning styles while another provides a link to printable rewards charts. These are just a few of the numerous links provided. Almost every chapter offers at least one resource link while several offer more than one.


When you choose to enroll in Homeschool Rescue, you can choose from one of two options. Option One is a Basic Plan. With this option, you will get instant, lifetime access to the online Homeschool Rescue course; access to over twenty videos, audio files, and worksheets; a live group course that will run from June 2017 through July 2017; free membership in the Homeschool Rescue Facebook Group (a Members Only - dynamic support group for homeschoolers); and printable planners for parents and students. The Basic Plan costs $97.00. Option Two is the VIP Plan. With this option, you get all of the aforementioned items and three one-on-one coaching sessions with Heather. The VIP Plan costs $137.00. Enrollment for the summer class series will end at midnight on May 31, 2017. Both the Basic Plan and VIP Plan are great deals. Either one will positively impact your homeschool and be a breath of fresh air.

To learn more about Homeschool Rescue and Only Passionate Curiosity, stop by their Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram, and Pinterest pages.

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