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Homeschool Review Crew Review: Focus On The Family - Captain Absolutely

For forty years, Focus On The Family has been ministering to families. Because of the good work they do and the quality materials they produce, we were honored to review their newest release Captain Absolutely. This is a spinoff from their fabulous Adventures in Odyssey series. Captain Absolutely was previously featured in Clubhouse Magazine.

Who doesn't enjoy an action-packed, adventure story about a superhero? My son enjoys seeing good triumph over evil. He may be sixteen now, but he still cheers on, quite loudly at times, the superheroes in their quests to vanquish evil. Captain Absolutely is the perfect book for him. It has a superhero (Captain Absolutely) who fights villains. It keeps the reader's attention with all of the action. Finally, it focuses upon God's truth, which is extremely important to my son.

The theme of Captain Absolutely is that our view as Christians should be based upon the absolute truth as it is written in God's Holy Word, the Bible. People who have a diagnosis of Autism often have difficulty seeing the viewpoint, perspective, values, and priorities of others. God never changes and His rules are clear, which is important as my son does not handle change well and is a strict rule follower. Knowing beyond the shadow of a doubt what the Bible says is verifiable, is comforting.

Captain Absolutely is a colorful, well-illustrated comic book. The main character, Josiah King, is based upon King Josiah from the Bible. In 2 Kings, Josiah becomes King of Judah at just eight years of age. Neither his grandfather nor his father were very good men. When Josiah was made King, he ordered that the temple be rebuilt during which the Scriptures were unearthed. Finding this treasure, Josiah read the words of Moses to his people. He went on to be a warrior of God's truth much like the superhero in Captain Absolutely.

Captain Absolutely is the story of librarian Josiah King. After an explosion rocks the library, Josiah finds a secret room filled with banned books. Until he discovered these treasures, Josiah had never heard of the Bible! Can you imagine never hearing the Word of God? As Josiah read's God's Word, not only is his heart transformed by the truth he finds in the written pages but his body is changed by the radioactive fumes. He becomes a superhero with the power of strength and flight. He lives by John 8:32; "You will know the truth, and the truth shall set you free." Isn't that the best superhero slogan ever? What superhero story would be complete without a sidekick? Thankfully, Captain Absolutely has the help of Hana Lin. Together, they battle a horde of villains including Dr. Relative, Fear Chemist, Unifier, Baron Von Confuser, Cap'n Crastin, Farmer Vile, Nurse Grudge, and Edward Snooze. How do they defeat all of these bad guys? You'll have to buy this amazing book and read it to find out! It truly is an adventure you and your family will all enjoy.

This is a wholesome book that everyone will be fighting over for their turn to read it. If you want to dig deeper, the book has a section at the end entitled Big Questions. This section asks thought-provoking questions that will lead your family to some great in-depth discussions about God and His Word. You can use Captain Absolutely to supplement Language Arts reading assignments, Bible class assignments, History with current events in our world and ancient times with King Josiah, and Geography with Judah.

Publication Date: April 1, 2017
Imprint: Focus On The Family
Publisher: Tyndale House Publishers
Authors: Stephen O'Rear and Christopher P. N. Maselli
Format: Softcover
ISBN: 978-1-58997-852-2
Number of Pages: 112
Retail Price: $9.99

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