Friday, May 19, 2017

Cooking to Promote Learning in Our Homeschool

Not only is Cooking fun and tasty but it is also educational! In our daily lessons, there are numerous ways in which we can use Cooking to learn about various subjects. Cooking can teach us about Science, Math, Measurements, History, Geography, and Cultures.

In Science, Cooking can teach us about mixtures. For example, trail mix combines nuts, raisins, and oats. This is a mixture of substances that are combined but can be separated. We can also learn about chemical reactions when cooking. When water is added to flour, it allows proteins to bond together. This is one type of chemical reaction that occurs while baking bread. Yeast, baking powder, and baking soda are added to cause a type of chemical reaction in which gases are released into the dough and causes it to rise. Caramelization is yet another type of chemical reaction. This occurs when at high temperatures the sugars break down and release water which then turns to steam.

In Math, Cooking allows children to work on addition and multiplication when doubling recipes to feed more people. Cooking helps children learn about fractions in visual ways. Cooking helps children understand measurements in tangible means.

What better way is there to learn about other Cultures, Geographical Regions, and eras in History than to immerse yourself into the culture by sampling the food? Cooking food from years gone by and eating the same things George Washington ate can help children connect better to History and realize it is still relevant to today. Learning how other Cultures live can help us all expand our horizons and teach us new things. Through Cooking, we can travel to other Geographical places.

Cooking is something we will always do because we need to eat. Learning is a life-long endeavor as well. The two go well together. Like spaghetti goes well with garlic bread.

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