Tuesday, January 29, 2019


Most of you know that I have been diagnosed with five rare diseases and several autoimmune diseases. I believe that God can heal me at any time. However, if He chooses to use my story to bring glory to His name, I'm alright with that as well. I know that one day, in glory, I will be fully restored. However, He revives my faith in Him daily. He renews my joy in the midst of struggles. He sustains me and grows me. Sometimes, it is all about perspective.

Chayay is the Hebrew word for restore. It means to live, to sustain life, to be restored from sickness, discouragement, weakness, and death. It also means to cause growth.

In Psalm 51:11-12, David knows he has walked away from God by sinning. He wants to change his foolish ways and live life according to God's plans for him.

John Wesley, in his commentary, indicates that David wants to be freed from the bondage of his sins and asks God to allow him to cheerfully follow God.

Matthew Henry's Commentary informs us that David prays to be changed and freed from his sins. David begs God to not disown him and asks to be under God's guidance and wisdom. David's sin made him sad and weak, which is why he asks to be restored.

I love this verse because it reminds me that even though I am suffering, God is using my trials to make me strong in Him, firm in my faith, and steadfast in my love for Him. Even though I may suffer here on Earth, it pales in comparison to a lifetime of eternal suffering.

John Wesley's Commentary intimates that what suffering is experienced is merely a small amount compared to an eternity of suffering.

Matthew Henry's Commentary indicates that God would establish them against wavering faith. God would strengthen them and settle them on a firm foundation in Christ.

God would help them persevere.

David, known as a man after God's own heart, was no stranger to trials and suffering. David made some monumental mistakes in life, including adultry and murder. David would feel guilty for his sins and become depressed because he knew that he had allowed that sin to come between his relationship with God. David longed for his relationship with God to be restored. He would humble himself, seek God's forgiveness, and reach out to his Creator for help. He knew of God's greatness and praised God for His holiness. He also trusted God to be faithful and true to His word.

John Wesley's Commentary focuses upon David's acknowledgement of God as the most eminent and worthy God. David then asks God to rescue him from the grave.

Like Wesley, Matthew Henry's Commentary points out David's praise to God for His greatness.

If your relationship with God needs restored, humble yourself, dear one, and reach out to him. You will find Him there waiting with loving arms wide open. If your marriage needs revived, if your finances need renewed, if your health needs restored, keep talking to God, spend time in His Word the Bible, rest in His loving arms, thank Him for the blessings no matter how small, choose joy, and allow His love, His light and His truth to shine through you to impact others for Him and give Him praise, glory, and honor. He will restore you. His timing and ways aren't always the same as ours. In fact, they are far better. He knows what we can't see. Through your trials, He will sustain you. Trust Him.

Papa God, we come to you today and acknowledge You for your
Holiness. There is none other like you! We thank You for Your amazing love for us. Please restore our relationship with You. Forgive us for our sins and allowing our mistakes, our guilt, our shame to come between our relationship with You. Draw us close and wrap us in the shelter of Your loving arms. Help us to be joyful as we embrace Your endless love for us. Be our strength when we are weak and provide comfort as we endure trials. Grant us Your wisdom and discernment as we traverse life and remind us that You are fighting our battles for us. Thank you for Your mercy and peace. Amen!

Restoration by David Brymer

Restore by Next to Nothing

Thursday, January 10, 2019

God's Reminders

Today, I had to endure one of the most unpleasant tests I've had and this was my third time having this test. As we neared the hospital, I felt myself tensing up my muscles. I knew I needed to pray and ask God to be my strength because I knew I was weak. Immediately, I felt His peace wash over me like warm ocean waves.

The nurse who performed my procedure threaded the tube through my nose, down my throat and into my esophagus to the stomach very easily and without any numbing medicine. They allow an hour for the test but she finished my test in seven and a half minutes. God's hand was definitely upon me. I have no doubt. Who else could have orchestrated things so perfectly?

As the nurse walked me to the elevator, she told me I was a very strong woman. Me? Strong? No. God, who lives in me, is the strong one. He gently nudges me when I need reminders of His faithfulness. I'm thankful for His tangible presence. He is with me always! I'm also thankful for the opportunities He has given me to give Him the glory, honor, and praise He deserves simply because of who He is.

If you feel like you are surrounded by problems you can't overcome, I encourage you to not only turn them over to God but also spend time seeking Him, growing closer to the One who loves you beyond measure!

Prayer: Father God, we ask You to help us feel Your presence in very tangible ways today. Be our strength. Help us to trust You, especially when life gets hard. Flood us with Your peace and be our refuge. We thank you for all of the blessings You bestow upon us. We also thank You for simply being who You are: the one true God. Place people in our paths so that Your light and love can shine through us and make a positive impact for You. Amen!

Lauren Daigle "You Say"

Lauren Daigle "Trust in You"