Saturday, May 13, 2017

Blogging Through the Alphabet: Letter Q Is for Quiet

Thank you for joining me for another week of Blogging Through the Alphabet. This week, we will be taking a look at the Letter Q. The Letter Q is for Quiet.

There are days when I crave quiet. To have no one demanding my attention, no dog barking at anything moving outside our house, no television blaring on a police drama at full volume would be a nice change in pace. Sometimes, I can't even form coherent thoughts amidst all of the noise and chaos. While I may not be able to control those around me and force them to be silent, I have learned that there are actions I can take to find peace.

The main step I can and do take to find peace amidst the chaos of every day life is to spend time basking in God's presence. When I seek God, He lovingly and graciously fills me with His amazing peace. His peace is what gives me strength to persevere, it is what gives me comfort and refuge, it fills me with hope and renews me.

Sometimes, I feel like I am a jet plane circling in a holding pattern just waiting to safely land. Yet, I know that God's plans are much better than anything I could imagine for myself. His ways aren't my ways. So, I wait quietly and patiently. While waiting, I rest in His presence: worshipping Him, soaking in His love for me, praying, and listening to His quiet whispers to my heart. In the waiting, I find His peace because I am quietly waiting on Him.

While being a Christian does require us to live boldly for our King, our witness is just as powerful in our quiet actions done in love. When we live out our faith in tangible ways, people can see the peace that fills us amidst the tough times. They see it in our smiles and positive demeanors despite the chronic, unbearable pain we deal with daily. They know it is God that makes the difference and grants us that quiet calm assurance.

Although there are times I crave silence and tranquility, this is my zoo and these are my monkeys and I wouldn't trade them for anything. God is gracious enough to grant me His peace and quiet my heart and my own thoughts when I need Him the most. He renews me so that I can continue to persevere and continue to run the race He has set for me. I hope you know the peace that only comes from Him, dear ones. Be encouraged!

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