Who is God's Writer Girl?

Welcome to the site of God's Writer Girl: Kelly Kiggins-Lund ~ freelance writer and blogger! Thank you for stopping by for a visit. 

God is very important to Kelly! He is the source of her strength and provides her peace beyond all measure through the trials of life. The storms of life weigh heavy at times, but God is ALWAYS faithful! Kelly will be the first to admit that she is by no means perfect, just forgiven. She is a work in progress. God has done so much for her. Though she could never repay Him, she does strive to give Him praise daily and show His lovehers.

Kelly's world revolves around  the rambunctious energy, her beloved teenage son, her amazing mother, her father, a dog who likes to hear himself talk, and six playful cats. She likes seeing the world anew through the eyes of her son who has diagnoses of Asperger's (Autism Spectrum) and ADHD. She also enjoys seeing his brilliant brain at work solving puzzles through a complex intellectual thought process. Kelly is grateful for the opportunity to school her son from the comfort of their home and give him a rich education and strong Christian foundation. Her son brings joy and sunshine to each of her days and gives her a reason to persevere through her daily pain from Autoimmune Diseases, Immune Deficiency, and Neuromuscular Diseases. Kelly is also walking alongside her parents as they tackle her father's diagnosis of Vascular Dementia.

Kelly enjoys reading all types of books. Her favorite genre is romantic suspense, which explains why her first work of fiction is being written in that particular genre. She is inspired to help spread the news about great books, delightful authors, and soul-stirring Christian music.