Wednesday, April 24, 2019


When life gets chaotic, hard, difficult, and tumultuous, it can be difficult to feel happiness. Living with numerous  rare diseases and autoimmune diseases has taught me that joy is a choice I need to actively make. When I choose joy and look at the blessings God has bestowed upon me, no matter how small they may seem,  God's amazing peace washes over me and I have the strength I need to persevere.

According to the Hebrew Lexicon, there are three Hebrew words for joy used in the Old Testament. Ranan means to cry out, shout for joy, give a cry of exhultation, to rejoice, and to overcome. Simchah means joy, mirth, gladness, and delight. Sasawn means joy, rejoicing, and gladness. According to the Greek Lexicon, there are two words for joy found in the New Testament. Chara means joy and gladness. Agalliasis means exultation, extreme joy, and gladness.

King David wrote Psalm 28:7 as a song of thanksgiving to God. Matthew Henry's describes it as the "thanksgiving of a saint triumphant, and delivered out of his distresses."

John Wesley infers that because David speaks of God's help as if it occurred in the past, "God assured humbly his spirit, that he had heard and accepted his prayers."

Because we have faith and trust in God, especially when it is the hardest to believe, God helps us. He is faithfully our strength, our shield, our comfort, and our refuge. For His faithfulness, we should always give God praise and glory.

1 Chronicles 16 starts with the ark of the covenant being returned to the city and placed inside of the tent David had set up to house it. Once the ark is settled, David begins to praise God and give Him glory. He prepares burnt offerings and has a song of praise lifted to God in thanksgiving. According to Matthew Henry, verse 17 is inferring that God is the holy Creator and as our Lord He deserves the glory and praise due Him.

Both of these scripture verses clearly indicate that God deserves praise, glory, and honor not because of what He's done but simply because of who He is. When we take the time to worship God, we can more easily choose His joy as He infuses us with His peace and strength.

Let's Pray:
God we thank you that we can call You Papa as You have chosen each of us as Your beloved children. Sometimes, life can feel overwhelming. When these trials come, please help us to trust in You and to choose Your joy. Be our strength and fill us with Your peace. Thank You simply for being our Lord and Savior. Amen!