Friday, May 12, 2017

Five Minute Friday - Mom


She's the first person we meet. We hear her voice in the womb as she tells us of her hopes for us. We feel her touch as she caresses our hands and feet as we kick and poke to let her know we're there. She holds us close when we are born and keeps us safe and warm. She is always there.

Our mom will continue to play a pivotal role in our lives as we grow. She'll be our cheerleader: telling us there is nothing we cannot do without God as our guide. She will be our shoulder to cry on and will wipe our tears when life doesn't go as planned or disappointment blooms. She will be the one to nurse us back to health when we become ill. There is nothing better than her love to see us through all the seasons of life.

The best gift our moms give us is a legacy of faith. It is in the prayers she prays before we are born to the ones she teaches us to pray from the depths of our hearts. It is in the way she worships God with abandon and does all she can to show His love to others.

Thanks, mom, for all you do! I hope and pray I am being the best mom I can be to my child like you were to me! I love you! (This post is dedicated to my mom, Kathy Kiggins, for whom I am immensely thankful!)

This post is my first contribution to Five Minute Friday sponsored by Kate Motaung. Please stop by her site to read her post as well as those who have linked up their posts including my friend, A Net in Time. For Five Minute Friday, we free write on the chosen topic (this week's was the word mom) for five minutes and then share what we have written. Thank you for taking a moment to stop by and read today's post!
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