Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Wordless Wednesday: Cars

Like most boys, my son loves cars. We have the Hot Wheels and Matchbox cars to prove it. On a drive through a nearby town, we came across Mater from the Cars movie series. Of course, we had to not only stop and get a closer look but also snap a few pictures. I hope you enjoy this week's Wordless Wednesday.

My boy with Tow Mater
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Monday, August 28, 2017

God's Touches of Love

I love how God works! How He gives us His touches of love when we need them most. Last night, Mom had to take me to Hershey's ER due to an issue with my adrenal insufficiency. On our way to the hospital, we stopped at Sheetz. When we went to leave, I realized that the President of our Homeschool Association was parked beside us. She prayed with me before we continued our journey. God is ALWAYS faithful! After a round of IV fluids and an increase in medication, I am home. I start my IV infusions today with my nurse here at home. I'll be having additional testing this week as well. God is with me. I know He is guiding my doctors. He is providing me rest in His capable hands. While I wait and see, He continues to shower me with blessings. We always have something for which we can give Him thanksgiving for He is utterly worthy of our praise!

"Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God." - Philippians 4:6

Friday, August 18, 2017

Dear Homeschool Momma - A Letter of Encouragement for the Year Ahead

Dear Homeschool Momma,

You are about to embark on a fun yet sometimes chaotic adventure with your child. There will be days when you wonder why you ever thought you could school your own child. Please, don't fret. You are not alone as we've all been there at some point along our journey. No one knows your child better than you, dear momma. You have their best interests at heart and will raise them according to God's purpose. There may be days when tears are shed. On these days, I pray for God's peace to flow through my child and me.  If we're both frustrated, we take a break to play an educational game, go for a walk, or do something fun and not challenging. When we are both in better frames of mind, we start working again on the lesson that was causing us trouble. Just when you begin to question your sanity, your child will do something that will make all of your efforts worth it. So, don't be discouraged. You are doing a good thing. Your children are safe, they are learning, and they are thriving. Keep persevering, momma. God has all of you in his competent hands.

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Thursday, August 17, 2017

Homeschooling Outside of the Home

The world is our classroom as life has much to teach those who are willing to learn the lessons offered. Today's topic is Homeschooling Outside of the Home. We'll take a look at Co-ops, Training, Field Trips, Support Groups, and Homeschool Associations.

Co-ops can vary in what they offer. Some meet more for socialization, teaching the arts, and team sports to meet physical education requirements. Other Co-ops hold in-depth classes on all of the major subjects: math, language arts, science, and history. One of the major benefits of belonging to a Co-op is drawing on the knowledge of mommas who have a years of homeschooling under their belts.

As homeschoolers, we have the opportunity to train our children in every area of life. We can send them off into the world with the skills they will need to not merely survive but thrive. We can teach them to care for themselves, their car, their home, and their finances. To help them prepare for their future, we can also provide them shadowing and apprenticeship opportunities that will allow them to learn the education and skills required to perform certain jobs.

Field Trips not only offer fun educational experiences but they also provide numerous hands-on learning opportunities. Children learn best by doing. I still remember the awe in my son's voice when we walked through Independence Hall in Philadelphia. To know that he was standing on the very ground where George Washington and Benjamin Franklin trod made history come alive for him.

Support Groups are a great source for homeschool parents. They provide contact with people who have a similar goal: to educate their children in the best environment. They can provide insight on curriculum they's utilized over the years: what they liked about it, what they didn't like, and what worked best for them. They can provide helpful hints on working through issues such as homeschooling while moving, homeschooling children with chronic illness, homeschooling children with special needs, and more.

Finally, Homeschool Associations are a great source of support, for field trip opportunities, Co-op opportunities, socialization outlet for you and your children, and much more. Homeschool Associations also offer teacher's cards for discounts at local stores and online, discounts for HSLDA, as well as updated information on state laws and regulations.

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Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Planning, Schedules, and Paperwork,Oh My!

Paperwork can be tedious, daunting, and overwhelming! For most people, especially those like me who tend to be scatter-brained, it can be a least favorite task. However, it doesn't have to be difficult. As we enter our ninth year of homeschooling, I have implemented organizational skills to make paperwork easier. I place paperwork I ant to save for our portfolio in an accordion file folder.

For Attendance, Reading/Curriculum/Material List, and Field Trip records, I utilize a simple online spreadsheet where I mark the day with an X for attendance, type the name of the book/audiobook/movie/website address for the List, and  the date and location for Field Trip records. After nine years of homeschooling, I have learned that simple is sufficient.

To learn more about planning and record keeping, please stop by the Homeschool Review Crew and read my featured guest post. While there, please read posts shared by other crew members. Furthermore, I hope you'll come back tomorrow for my post on Outside the Home.

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

What I Can't Homeschool Without - School Supplies

What can't I homeschool without? I would be lost without my laptop computer. We utilize it daily for lessons and record keeping. We also use the television on a frequent basis to view educational programs whether on video, streaming via the computer or via our Roku, or on our local public broadcasting channel. A CD player comes in handy for playing audiobooks whether at home or on the go in the car. No matter where we are, we can always homeschool. Life is a learning journey and the world is our classroom.

Now, I realize these are all considered big ticket items. However, technology does play a tremendous role in schooling today. Yet, we'd be lost without the traditional school supplies as well. We utilize highlighters to mark text and help my son study. Everyone needs colored pencils and paints for creativity purposes. Furthermore, I've found that doodling and coloring while listening to lessons helps my son keep focused. This was a tactic I utilized in college to help focus my own ADD brain. Since my son has a diagnosis of ADHD, I thought it was worth trying with him as well.

Personally, I would be lost without sticky notes and flags. I utilize them to stay organized, write down key points I want to remember, and mark reading passages in various books. Otherwise, I would be a scattered mess and waste time looking up pages.

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Monday, August 14, 2017

Choices, Choices and More Choices - Picking Curriculum

I remember the first year we homeschooled. I was lost! I didn't have a clue about curriculum. Therefore, I merely purchased the same curriculum my son had used in his Christian School the previous year. This particular curriculum was very rigid. It took my son two hours to write one sentence. At this juncture, he had not been diagnosed with Asperger's Syndrome (High-Functioning Autism), ADHD, nor Dyscalculia and Dysgraphia (Learning Disabilities).

As we enter our ninth year of homeschooling, my view has changed and adapted as I have learned alongside my son. Now, our goal is for him to learn and grow at a pace that is comfortable for him. We are more relaxed. Our style has shifted to eclectic. I've learned to harness my son's strengths, to hone his interests and use them to guide us, and to find creative methods to work on the areas in which he struggles and make these tasks less daunting.

There are a myriad of choices when it comes to homeschool curriculum. It can be overwhelming, especially to newcomers. If you are a newcomer, I encourage you to join a homeschool group. These mommas are a wealth of information and experience. Utilize their knowledge. Ask them why they like the curriculum they use and what they don't like about that particular curriculum. Participate in online homeschool groups. Again, ask what these parents use for curriculum, what they like about it, and what they would change about it. Another excellent resource are reviews like those done by the Homeschool Review Crew. Furthermore, most curriculum providers offer samples of their product. View these samples. Work on them with your child and see how it fits with your homeschool style. Finally, attend a curriculum fair and browse the books, workbooks, and other supplies first hand.

As I mentioned earlier, we follow an eclectic style. We use curriculum that tailors to my son's interests and helps his knowledge about the subject grow. We incorporate living books, videos, online programs, texts, workbooks, audiobooks, worksheets, hands-on projects, and field trips. I also utilize free resources online from programs like Easy Peasy, Kids Discover, Ambleside, Lesson Pathways, and Khan Academy. We also utilize dice, card, and board games that help facilitate learning. The key is to foster an environment where learning happens.

Thank you for joining me today. Please come back tomorrow for What I Can't Homeschool Without - School Supplies. Furthermore, you can view other posts about curriculum on the Homeschool Review Crew.

Sunday, August 13, 2017

Love Not Hate

"Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that."  - Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

I have a dear friend who lives in Charlottesville, VA and works at UVA. She is the sweetest lady and a true Christian. She and her family shouldn't have to live in fear, especially because her skin is darker than mine. Unfortunately, the world we live in is filled with sin and darkness pervades, there will be hate.

How can we make a difference? One life, one day, one moment at a time. We need to stop being "me" focused and instead embrace humility and be "others" focused. We need to embrace the One, True, Light (Jesus Christ) and Truth because, as Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. so astutely proclaimed, only light can drive out the darkness. Furthermore, we need to stop looking at differences in skin color, in abilities, in gender, in socioeconomic status because in reality, we are all people in a hurting, chaotic, messy world trying to swim upstream. Instead, we need to be helping one another and embracing our unique differences. In fact, we must look at the person's heart because it is their heart that truly matters. What is inside a person: their drive to persevere despite struggles, their kindness to all they meet, their love of others, their loyalty to family and friends, and their faith.

Let us strive to live better, to believe, to dream, to hope, to extend grace to one another, and to love without abandon. Join me in praying for God's peace to pervade and His love to overcome!

Saturday, August 12, 2017

Super Hero Kids Giveaway with David C. Cook!


Now is your chance to have DC and Marvel illustrator Sergio Cariello make your child's dream come true!

David C Cook is proud to introduce the newest book in the Action Bible collection: The Action Storybook Bible (coming October 2017). Pre-order The Action Storybook Bible from Amazon
, Barnes and Noble, or to reserve your copy today.

Plus click the link under the graphic below to enter to have a chance to win an illustration of your child as a super hero by Action Bible artist Sergio Cariello (who has also illustrated comics for DC and Marvel!).

The giveaway is open until September 11, 2017, 5:00pm MST.  Your entry must be received by then to be eligible. Five winners will be chosen at random from eligible entrants.


Families see the Bible in motion and put their faith into action!
The Action Storybook Bible invites families with young children to explore God's redemptive story together. An entry point into the world of The Action Bible, it tells of the amazing creation story, powerful kings who reigned over ancient Israel, God's miraculous gift of eternal life through Jesus, and more! God's promise for the world is displayed throughout every page. Discover your family's place in God's incredible story and together put your faith into action!Interactive features include:
  • Fifteen key episodes from God's Word-each one loaded with several stories along with over 350 brand-new illustrations throughout.

  • Short and easy readings-for children ages eight and under with rich, colorful images.

  • Life, Faith, Action! features-conclude every episode and invite families to talk about how God moves in the stories, how to see God in life today, how to put faith into action, and how to easily talk to God with a suggested prayer.

  • Hall of Fame visual index-the place to look up favorite Bible characters by discovering their icon connections and finding them in the stories.

Learn more and purchase a copy here.

Friday, August 11, 2017

Litfuse Review: A NameUnknown by Roseanna White

Complex characters readers will instantly fall in love with are the backbone of Roseanna M. White's  book A Name Unknown. Her historical fiction novel, which is set in Britain, weaves an intriguing tale that will have readers turning the pages late into the evening as they yearn to know the book's outcome.

The Book:

The only family Rosemary Gresham knows is a local pub owner and the ragtag group of miscreants she calls siblings. Growing up on the mean streets of Britain, they survived by pickpocketing and squatting. Now, they make their money by scams and thievery. When the familiar man in the bowler hat hires her to complete a job for him, she has no idea just how complicated her life is about to become.

With the threat of a World War looming ever closer, Peter Holstein is plagued by rumors. Is he loyal to England or Germany? Because he has influence over the King of England, people fear his loyalties merely because his last name is German. His self-imposed solitary life and awkward demeanor around others doesn't help bolster other peoples faith in him. When Rosemary knocks on his door posing as a historian, Peter believes she's the key to digging through his family's past and proving his loyalty.

Can Rosemary and Peter find the answers they desperately need as danger rages around them? Can the attraction growing between them survive? Read A Name Unknown by Roseanna M. White to meet these remarkable characters and find out how the story ends!

The Author:

Roseanna M. White writes her books with a Betsy Ross flag and Jane Austen action figure nearby for inspiration. When she isn't writing, she's busy being a homeschool momma to her two children and pretending that her house will clean itself. Roseanna has written over a dozen books ranging from Biblical fiction to American and British romances. Spies, war, and mayhem are frequent themes in her novels. She attended St. John's College and is a member of the ACFW. Roseanna, her husband, and children reside in the majestic mountains of West Virginia. To learn more about Roseanna and her books, please visit her website, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram pages.

Where to Purchase:

Signed Copy from Roseanna White

Baker Publishing


Barnes and Noble


Thursday, August 10, 2017

Homeschool Review Crew Review: Math Essentials

Because my son struggles with grasping math skills, I am always looking for new curriculum that will not only help him master essential skills but will also keep him engaged without pulling out my hair. When I was offered the chance to review No-Nonsense Algebra from Math Essentials, I didn't hesitate to accept.

No-Nonsense Algebra is a complete math curriculum. You receive a comprehensive book and access to online videos. The book starts with an Introduction in which it is explained that the book isn't merely a text book on Algebra but a system of teaching Algebra. The system is the same in each lesson: Introduction and Explanation, Helpful Hints, Examples, Written Exercises, and Review. After the Introduction, the book launches into the lessons. Each lesson, which follows the systematic teaching method, is thorough but succinct with the majority of lessons being two pages in length.

In addition, the book is divided into ten chapters: Necessary Tools for Algebra, Solving Equations, Graphing and Analyzing Linear Equations, Solving and Graphing Inequalities, Systems of Linear Equations and Inequalities, Polynomials, Rational Expressions (Algebraic Fractions), Radical Expressions and Geometry, Quadratic Equations, and Algebra Word Problems. Furthermore, the book also provides a list of important formulas, a list of important symbols, a chart with multiplication tables, a chart with commonly used prime numbers, a chart with squares and square roots, a chart with fraction and decimal equivalents. Finally, the book contains the solutions to all of the exercises. This is a tremendous help to homeschool families.

The second component of No-Nonsense Algebra is the Online Lessons. With the special access code you receive when you purchase the book, you are able to access the Online Lessons. These lessons explain the day's topic in the same systematic teaching method by introducing the topic and providing examples. Students can work on the problems with the lesson as the instructor goes over each example. This allows them to work on problems like those they will work on in the exercise section of the book.

Because my son struggles with math, I have learned the best ways to teach him new skills and to help him retain what he has learned. No-Nonsense Algebra from Math Essentials utilizes short online lessons and book instruction. This is excellent for children like my son who have diagnoses of ADHD and Dyscalculia: a math learning disability. The length of the lessons and book instruction is important as the brevity helps my son stay focused. However, you shouldn't equate this brevity with a lack of thoroughness as each lesson is comprehensive. The repetitive structure of each lesson not only helps keep my son focused but also helps him stay organized which appeals to his desire of "following the rules," which is a result of his diagnosis of Asperger's Syndrome (High-Functioning Autism). In addition, the concise lessons, both online and in the book, help him to not be overwhelmed. This is essential for his success! The provided formulas and charts are also a tremendous help to students, like my son, who have learning disabilities and memory issues.

Math Essentials provides full math curriculum for a wide array of levels, including No-Nonsense Algebra. To learn more about their products, check out their Facebook page.

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Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Homeschool Review Crew Review: Greek 'n' Stuff

When I was asked to review Hey, Andrew! Teach Me Some Greek - Level 3 Set from Greek 'n' Stuff, I'll admit that I was excited and nervous at the same time. I was excited because my son and I would be learning koine or common Greek which is the original language of the New Testament that was written so that everyone whether educated or not could read it. I was nervous because I had no training in Greek. Therefore, I'd be learning alongside my child. Eek! Talk about stepping out of my comfort zone.

Then, the materials arrived. We received a Biblical Greek Worktext, a Biblical Greek Worktext Answer Key, and a Pronunciation CD. Because my son is sixteen, we started with Level 3. This was a smart choice as I believe he would have become bored with a younger level. Furthermore, the lessons in Level 3 begin with teaching the Greek Alphabet at a rate of three letters per day and building upon previously learned letters for a period of three weeks. This was a good pace for my son and his amateur momma to learn Biblical Greek together. Due to my son's memory issues related to his diagnoses of Asperger's Syndrome (High-Functioning Autism), ADHD, and Learning Disabilities, I believe a faster pace would have been difficult for him to grasp. The continuous reinforcement of previously learned material also helped him retain the material we were learning.

My son's initial reaction was learning Greek is going to be hard (insert whiney tone here). When he realized that we were learning Biblical Greek, his interest was piqued. Since my son loves learning about God and Jesus, knowing he would be learning the original language of the New Testament appealed to him. Once we started lessons, his confidence began to grow as he realized he could indeed learn Biblical Greek. Not only does he know the Greek alphabet, he can also speak and write not merely Greek words but also short phrases. How exciting is this new skill!

As I mentioned previously, Hey, Andrew! Teach Me Some Greek! - Level 3 Set comes with a Biblical Greek Worktext for student use. Lesson one starts by teaching students the letters of the Greek Alphabet. It shows students how the letters are written as well as has them practice writing the letters while pronouncing the letters' sounds. Then, the lessons continue to build upon the knowledge previously learned until the student can pronounce, read, and write short phrases or sentences in Biblical Greek. Furthermore, students complete different exercises that reinforce what they have just learned. This repetition helped my son retain and recall the information he learned from one lesson to the next. Exercises include writing activities, matching Greek words and phrases and their meanings, circling the correct answer, filling in the blanks, drawing a picture based upon the Greek word or phrase, and coloring the correct word or phrase. The variety in exercises also helps keep your child engaged in the learning process. I am providing samples of lessons from the Worktext to give you an idea of how the program works. (See below.)

The Level 3 Set also includes a Biblical Worktext Answer Key that makes teaching Greek easy for the teacher. The Answer Key provides a Proposed Schedule for the teacher to follow with their student. As my son can sometimes require extra time to learn new material due to his Learning Disabilities, I found the schedule simple to modify to meet his needs as they arose. In addition to providing all of the correct answers for each exercise, the Answer Key also provides helpful tips for the teacher. For example, the Answer Key suggests that teachers encourage their students to include the accents and breathing marks as they write out the Greek words. These little suggestions and explanation of nouns (such as feminine and masculine) and verbs (mood, tense, and voice as well as singular and plural and person) help the instructor be better informed and more capable of teaching the lessons even without having any prior experience. The pronunciation CD is the third element of the Level 3 Set. It helps both the teacher and student know the proper pronunciation of the words and phrases being taught.

Do you think the product sounds interesting? Wondering how you could use it with younger children? Greek 'n" Stuff also has a Hey, Andrew! Teach Me Some Greek! - Level 2 Set for those in second grade and higher. You can find reviews for this product at the Homeschool Review Crew.

In addition to their Greek Sets, Greek 'n' Stuff also offers Bible Studies for children. This series includes: I Can Study Jonah & Ruth Alone With God Bible Study (13 week study) KJV and NIV, I Can Study Esther Alone With God Bible Study (13 week study) KJV and NIV, I Can Study I Samuel Alone With God (39 week study) KJV and NIV, and I Can Study Acts Alone With God (52 week study) KJV and NIV. You can read reviews about these products at the Homeschool Review Crew as well.

You can learn more about Hey, Andrew! Teach Me Some Greek! - Level 3 Set and Greek 'n' Stuff on their Facebook Page, Facebook Group, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram.

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Preparing for the New Homeschool Year

For some, preparing for the new homeschool year can be overwhelming while others find it exhilarating. No matter where you fall, the Homeschool Review Crew is glad to share their ideas with you. During the week of August 14, 2018 through August 18, 2018, we will be hosting a Blog Hop: 5 Days of Back to School. So grab a cup of coffee or a tall glass of iced tea and join my friends and me as we blog about Curriculum, School Supplies, Planning and Record Keeping, Outside the Home, and Dear Homeschool Mom. I hope to see you each day and look forward to reading my friends' posts as well.

Monday: Choices, Choices, and More Choices - Picking Curriculum
Tuesday: What I Can't Homeschool Without- School Supplies
Wednesday: Planning, Schedules, and Paperwork, Oh My!
Thursday: Homeschooling Outside of the Home
Friday: Dear Homeschool Momma - A Letter of Encouragement
Bonus Post: Saturday: Helping Your Child Adjust to the New Homeschool Year

Wordless Wednesday: Horses

Today's theme on Wordless Wednesday is horses. These are pictures I took of the magnificent horses we saw during a field trip.

My boy preparing to ride
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Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Wordless Wednesday: Kittens

Today's theme on Wordless Wednesday is kittens. These are two of our precious girls as kittens. I hope you enjoy their cuteness.

Ashley Bella at three months
Tiger Lily at three months
Ashley playing in a paper bag
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Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Homeschool Review Crew Review: Heirloom Audio Productions

Who doesn't enjoy a good story? My family enjoys listening to good audio books during our trips to my many doctor appointments. Recently, our multigenerational family, including my parents who are retirement age and my teenaged son who has diagnoses of ADHD and High-Functioning Autism, enjoyed listening to In the Reign of Terror from Heirloom Audio Productions as we travelled three hours one way to our family reunion. As this was our first experience with Heirloom Audio, I'm grateful that we were granted the opportunity to review this audio drama.

What is there not to love about In the Reign of Terror from Heirloom Audio Productions? In the Reign of Terror boasts a stunning cast of stars including Brian Blessed of Star Wars, Tarzan, and Robin Hood, John Rhys-Davies from The Lord of the Rings and Indiana Jones, and Cathy Sara of Downtown Abbey. (See full cast below.) In addition, the sound effects are absolutely amazing. My son said, "The dogs barking sound like actual dogs. You can picture them with these sound effects." This is high praise from him.

In the Reign of Terror, which is based upon the book In the Reign of Terror: The Adventures of a Westminster Boy by G. A. Henty, is a riveting and touching story about a boy named Harry from Westminster, England who shows courage and loyalty when he helps a noble family during the French Revolution. The dramatization as well as the accurate historical events will provide listeners with not only an adventure the whole family will enjoy but that will also help your students fully embrace a different country during a different era of time in which the people were at conflict. The title, In the Reign of Terror, accurately depicts the human frailty that resulted from this conflict. During a time when personal gain was deemed important and the idea of Christianity was thought irrational, the people greatly feared the corrupt, selfish, and immoral individuals who wielded their power of the people. Yet, one boy dared to take a stand and make a difference. It will inspire your family to take a stand and make a difference as well.

Heirloom Audio Production recently introduced an interactive community for fans and listeners called Live the Adventure Club. This is not only a great place to meet new people and interact with like-minded people but it is also a wealth of resources for homeschoolers. Not only can you access your purchased audio series online from anywhere but you can also access the Study Guide for your purchased audio dramas here as well. The Study Guides (see sample below) are filled with thought provoking questions that will help your students engage in what they are learning. The study guides also provide extra learning opportunities on topics related to the series. For example, the study guide for In the Reign of Terror provides interesting historical tidbits about Marie Antoinette, who happens to be a distant relative to my mother's family, which makes this story all the more "real" for our family.

The Live the Adventure Club also provides an e-book edition of In the Reign of Terror: The Adventures of a Westminster Boy by G. A. Henty as well as a copy of the script that children can follow along with as they listen to the dramatization. Furthermore, it has a section for children with games and fun learning activities such as coloring pages and crossword puzzles. In the education section, homeschoolers can also find quizzes based upon the material covered in the dramatization.

My son and I highly recommend not only the In the Reign of Terror dramatization but also other products available from Audio Heirloom Productions. We are looking forward to listening to their Cat of Bubastes and With Lee in Virginia productions in the near future. We also recommend checking out the Live the Adventure Club.

Don't merely take my word for it. Listen below to hear what Katie Leigh, who voices Connie Kendall on Focus on the Family's Adventures in Odyssey series.

To learn more about In the Reign of Terror and Heirloom Audio Productions, check out their Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram, and YouTube pages. Also, be sure you check out the Live the Adventure Club to see the special trial membership deal and to learn more about Heirloom Audio Productions.

Thank you for stopping by my blog and reading my review today. See what other members of the Homeschool Review Crew have to say about In the Reign of Terror and Heirloom Audio Productions.