Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Homeschool Review Crew Review: Lamplighter Publishing

My son and I recently had the opportunity to review The Secret Bridge from Lamplighter Publishing.  Lamplighter's aim is to develop "Christlike character one story at a time."

The Secret Bridge is one of the most beautiful books I have ever owned. It has a bluish-green leather tone cover embossed with ivory and gold accents. I enjoy the feel of a physical hardback book with its cool, soft leather feel in my hands as I read aloud to my son. The crisp new pages make a crinkling sound as they turn. The bold black print contrasting against the white pages offering a glimpse into a new world: an entirely different time and place.

About the Book:

Written in 1899 by Amy Le Feuvre, The Secret Bridge is an analogy about believers waiting for Christ to return just as the bride awaits her bridegroom. When the story begins, we find ourselves aboard a passenger ship headed to England. Aboard the ship, we meet the two main characters: Miss Bridget Channing and Mr. Godfrey Bullingham. Bridget is heading to London to live with her uncle after the recent death of her beloved father who raised her as a single parent after her mother died when Bridget was just a young child. Godfrey is a Navy Officer awaiting his next ship to command who is returning to London after a trip to Japan with his parents and sister. Soon after their arrival in London, Godfrey and Bridget cross paths again. Bridget has just learned of more heartbreaking news. Although she is determined to be independent, Godfrey is just as dogged to be of assistance. Thus begins their burgeoning relationship.

With Godfrey back at sea, their relationship continues to grow. Yet, secrets abound. Will these secrets stand in the way of true love? Will Bridget's new found faith be strong enough to see them through the toughest times? Will time heal past hurts? Will forgiveness be granted? With unexpected plot twists, you will be kept glued to the pages of The Secret Bridge.

Title: The Secret Bridge
Author: Amy Le Feuvre
Price: $28.00
ISBN: 978-1-58474-252-4
Age Range: 12-99
Page Number: 272
Date Written: 1899

My Thoughts:

I think this book is best read aloud with middle school aged children so that words and ideas can be explained and discussed throughout the reading of the book. For independent readers, I feel this book is best suited for high school students and adults. Personally, I love the vocabulary sprinkled throughout the book. While they are words I was familiar with, they were new words to my son. As we read, his vocabulary has grown as we discussed these new words and their meanings. I like the strong Christian values and morals depicted throughout the story. It is so important that our children have books with strong role-models, Christian beliefs, clean thoughts, and profound story lines available for them to read and The Secret Bridge is exactly this type of book. I thoroughly enjoyed travelling to a different era, in a different country, and meeting different people who came to believe the same things that I believe. Furthermore, The Secret Bridge teaches about forgiveness and redemption.

Photo Credit: Fraser and Jenning in London, England

About the Author:

Amy Le Feuvre was born Amelia Sophia Le Feuvre in Blackheath, London, England in 1861 to Edmond Philip Le Feuvre and Sidney Mary Mainguy Le Feuvre. Amy's father was a Surveyor in Her Majesty's Customs, Central Statistical Office while her maternal grandfather, James Mainguy, served as the Rector or Reverend of St. Mary de Castro in Guernsey. Amy had two brothers, William and Frederick, and four sisters, Edith, Henrietta, Charlotte, and Clementine. To help educate the children, the family employed a governess. As she grew, Amy began to write. She wrote numerous books and articles for magazines. The tone of her writings was based upon Biblical beliefs. Amy also wrote under the pseudonym Mary Thurston Dodge. Amy died at the age of 68 in Exeter, Devonshire, England.

About the Publisher:

Lamplighter Publishing's mission is to prepare people to serve the Lord through internal character development and external career planning. It is Lamplighter's desire to instill strong moral values in its readers. It is also their hope for family's to spend time reading together and build memories of this cherished time together that they can look upon fondly in years to come. Finally, Lamplighter strives to speak truth in love.

You can learn more about The Secret Bridge and Lamplighter Publishing by visiting them on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+. You can also read additional reviews of The Secret Bridge on the Homeschool Review Crew site.

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