Monday, October 13, 2014

Don't Let the Enemy Win

If I allowed the enemy to win, I would focus 

on the way all of this 

rain and the way in which it, 

along with the change of seasons, is 

wreaking havoc on my body 

because of my autoimmune 

diseases. However, life has taught me that 

choosing to praise God 

for the rain, which our world 

needs to help grow the beautiful flowers and 

our bodies need to 

survive, as well as praise Him 

for the beautiful fall colors and cooler 

temperatures that the change 

of season brings will yield

me His wondrous peace. He is with me every 

moment of every day. 

He meets my needs rather 

than my wants. Because of Him, I can 

persevere and continue to 

fight the good fight. Because of 

His grace and His peace, I am learning true 

contentment, which 

comes from trusting in Him, 

resting in His love, cherishing His mercy. 

Thank you, Father God, 

for these autoimmune 

diseases that humble me and keep me 

seeking You. Continue to 

use them to bring You glory and 

honor. Amen!