Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Blogging Through the Alphabet - Words of Hope - Letter A

My dear homeschooling friends at A Net in Time and Hopkins Homeschool have graciously offered to host Blogging Through the Alphabet: a weekly link-up of homeschool families writing on a variety of topics covering a certain letter of the alphabet.

In keeping with my theme of offering you "Words of Hope," I have chosen to focus on a word each week that will hopefully encourage you and give you strength for the week ahead. This week's letter is A. Our Word of Hope for this week is Adoration.

Adoration means to show respect for, to pay honor to, to worship, to venerate or revere, to hold in high esteem, to have and exhibit a deep love for, to admire, to glorify, to pay homage, to show favor, to delight in, to be in awe of, and to exalt.

The Bible calls us to exalt and worship God: to show Him adoration.

How can we show God adoration? We express our adoration to God through our words and our actions: the way in which we live out our daily lives. It goes deeper the more time we spend intimately getting to know Him better. When we spend time studying God's Word, praying to Him, listening to Him, obeying the Holy Spirit, fellowshipping with other believers, singing songs of worship, the more ardent our love for Him becomes.

When we draw nearer to him through adoration, especially on the difficult days, we find His strength to persevere and His joy breaking through the darkness as His peace settles over us. When we give His adoration not for what He has done but simply because of who He is, His peace comes like the sun shining in the dawning of a new day. At least, this has been my experience.

Be sure to stop by A Net in Time and Hopkins Homeschool to follow the weekly link-up of homeschool families writing on a variety of topics covering this week's letter of the alphabet - A.

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