Thursday, January 12, 2017

Words of Hope

One of my goals in writing blog posts is to offer encouragement to others. Recently, I cam up with the idea to create a monthly series entitled, Words of Hope. It is my aspiration to share words that will bring joy, that will remind you that you aren't alone, that will uplift you, that will help you to persevere during the difficult days, and that will bring you comfort and peace on the toughest of days. Who among us couldn't use a little encouragement?

Because of my desire to help you strengthen your faith, I'll be linking up with other homeschool families and fellow Christians in the anticipation that their words will also bring you hope. Be blessed, dear ones.

If you would like to share a post, you are more than welcome to add your link below. I only have a few simple requests.

Blog Hop Rules:

1. Family friendly posts that are uplifting and offer encouragement. I reserve the right to remove your link if it does not comply with the rules.

2. If you have questions regarding this blog hop, please feel free to contact me via one of the contact options.

3. Please share the blog hop code and/or link back to the post using the blog button code below.

4. When sharing your post on social media, please consider utilizing the hash tag #wordsofhope as this will make it easier for us to find you. Then, we can help share your posts as well.

5. Please consider visiting several of the other blogs linked to the blog hop. This is a good way to be encouraged yourself, offer encouragement to others, and hopefully will allow us to bless one another in numerous ways, including increased readership of our blog posts.

6. Be encouraged and encourage others!

The blog hop will run monthly from the third  Wednesday of the month and last two weeks. The first official post will begin on January 18, 2017 and run until February 1, 2017

Words of Hope - God's Writer Girl's Blog

Please feel free to add your Words of Hope landing page to the blog hop link below. We look forward to reading your #wordsofhope
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