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Our Week in Review - January 16 through 22

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We're starting yet something else new here at God's Writer Girl. Each week, we will post a review of our week at His Helping Hands Homeschool. This will allow our family and friends to keep up to date with our journey and hopefully encourage and inspire other homeschool families in their journey.

This past week was a little challenging as it was time for my monthly IV infusions. I have a rare Autoimmune and neuromuscular disease, Dermatomyositis, and Immune Deficiency which require me to receive infusions of a blood product called immunoglobulin three days a month for five hours each day. In the midst of it all, we still managed to learn some great things.

Since we started a new semester after our Christmas break, we've begun some new studies. In our Bible class, we are studying Stewardship of God's Earth through SchoolhouseTeachers. My son has been very engaged in the lessons thus far, which is a huge bonus. When your child enjoys learning, it makes the whole process so much easier and more enjoyable for all involved.

This year, we are studying Early American History. One of the curriculums we are using is Drive Thru History via SchoolhouseTeachers. My son not only likes that the lessons tell the history of our country from a Christian world view but also how silly and funny host Dave Stotts is during the episodes. This past week, we learned about Paul Revere and his famous ride and William Penn who founded our home state of Pennsylvania. We are also supplementing lessons from SchoolhouseTeachers Civil Rights Movements lessons as well. Since Martin Luther King, Jr Day was observed on Monday, we spent the day discussing the life of this great man. We also discussed the Underground Railroad, Harriet Tubman, spirituals, coded messages on quilts, and The Drinking Gourd.

We chose to study Biology this year but have adapted it to focus more on the aspect of Animal Science in Biology. This past week, we learned about Animal Classifications from We learned how they determined which animals were likely on the Ark with Noah as we watched Determining the Ark Kinds: How Many Animals Were on the Ark from Answers in Genesis. We also attended a live webinar on Marine Biology from Supercharged Science, which my son found interesting as he learned about the ocean, the special animal life that lives deep in the darkest sea, and the robots that explore the deepest oceans.

For this semester, we are learning about American Folklore in Language Arts through SchoolhouseTeachers. This past week, we discussed what folklore is and how it develops.  We also took a look at spirituals and how they not only gave African American slaves strength to get through tough situations but also contained coded messages for those seeking freedom on the Underground Railroad.

My son has been diagnosed with the learning disability dyscalculia. This has made learning math a difficult challenge for him. We have started a new curriculum this semester called Times Alive.  This program focuses on multiplication tables in a fun way to engage children in repetitious activities that will help them memorize multiplication problems.


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