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Words of Hope - Be Still

Words of Hope - Be Still

At some point of our life's journey, we can all use words of hope whispered to our hurting, weary souls because some days life can be disappointing and overwhelming. That's just how life is. I created this blog hop, Words of Hope, for the purpose of being a place where we can gather to encourage one another.

Today, I will be blogging about the words Be Still. It is my prayer that God will use these words to whisper hope to your souls, dear ones.

What Does It Mean to Be Still:

When I think of Being Still, I think of silence, of making the time to listen. Life can be chaotic and messy and finding time to Be Still can become a difficult task. Being Still is such an important task to our physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being.

Merriam-Webster Dictionary describes stillness as:

1. Being devoid of motion, sedentary, and not effervescent.
2. Uttering no sound, hushed, quiet, muted, and subdued.
3. Calm and tranquil.

In Hebrew Rapha, in the masculine form, means to allow yourself to become weak, to let go, to surrender. (Hebrew4Christians and Abarim Publications) This is the form utilized in Psalm 46:10 that instructs us to Be Still before God. Knowing the Hebrew meaning for Be Still: to become weak so that God can become strong in us; to surrender to God's infinite wisdom and divine plan; to let go of this world and our sins; puts this verse in an entirely new perspective.

I'd also like to expound for a moment on a few of the synonyms for Be Still. Be Still is synonymous with patience. Yes, that means not only are we to be still but we are also to wait upon the Lord. Sometimes, this can be difficult when His timing is different than ours but His ways far out measure our own. Be Still is also synonymous with rest which seems appropriate since God also states in the Bible to come to Him and He will give us rest. Lastly, Be Still is synonymous with peace. When we make the time to Be Still before God, we often find the peace we need to face whatever life's journey may have in store for us.

What Scripture Has to Say About Being Still:

The Bible has several different verses that instruct us to Be Still.

One of my favorite, go-to verses is Exodus 14:14. How comforting to know that when life is extremely difficult, God is diligently fighting my battle for me and all I need to do is find comfort and rest in His loving , capable arms.

Be Still My Soul by Kari Jobe

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