Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Homeschool Review Crew Review: Home School in the Woods #2

Earlier this year, we had a blast learning about Ancient Greece with Home School in the Woods. When the opportunity arose to review The American Revolution from their Time Travelers American History series, we were thrilled to start learning with this amazing hands-on history product!

One of the assignments my son enjoyed best was using shadow puppets to learn more about one of his favorite historical figures George Washington. I still remember the awe lacing his words as he said to me on a trip to Independence Hall in Philadelphia, PA; "I'm walking on the very ground where George Washington and Benjamin Franklin walked. The Very Ground!" He loves learning about the faith, courage, and integrity of our first President. We did a variation of this project in which we used PowerPoint to create our own moving story utilizing the shadow puppets and script. Below is our final slide from the story, which was my son's favorite as it depicts George Washington upon his horse and mentions that God protected George.

One of the things I like best about Home School in the Woods products is that I can adapt them to meet my son's needs, highlight his talents (like creating PowerPoint presentations), and strengthen areas where he may be weak. Because my son has diagnoses of Asperger's Syndrome (High-Functioning Autism) and ADHD, hands-on activities like these help keep him engaged in the learning process as well as retain the information he is learning.

One of the projects suggested is to have your child learn the Candle Dipping process. Now, my son wasn't certain about trying this particular activity. Thankfully, we had visited the Hans Herr House in nearby Lancaster County, Pennsylvania and watched them do Candle Dipping. Therefore, we were able to discuss the process. The fact that we can so easily incorporate field trips into these lesson plans is another positive selling point for Home School in the Woods products.

We are looking forward to trying other units from Home School in the Woods, a hands-on history company with multiple product lines. Other products in the Time Travelers American History series include New World Explorers, Colonial Life, The Early 19th Century, The Civil War, Industrial Revolution through Great Depression, and World War II. Their Lap-Paks cover a wide array of interesting subjects such as U. S. Elections, Wonders of the World, Knights, Benjamin Franklin, and 20th Century in America with more titles to come. Their Activity-Paks includes the new Make-a-State Activity as well as topics like The Old Testament, The New Testament, Composers, and Artists. They also offer a spectacular Timeline Trio that can be used for multiple subjects through multiple years!

Finally, Home School in the Woods is offering an A La Carte projects option! With this new option, you can select hands-on projects to use with topical studies. There are currently fifty projects available. For example, you can purchase the Liberty at Last! folder game to learn about The American Revolution like we did for our review of Time Travelers American History. Furthermore, they are running a special! With the code alacarte, you can get a free copy of their Erie Canal project.

You can read reviews on all of these products on the Homeschool Review Crew site.

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