Monday, July 10, 2017

Five Minute Friday - Let's Play: A Poem

Let's play!
Do you even remember how?
It has been so long since you felt the wind hit your face
As you made the swing rise and fall.
Is your imagination still able to dream and soar?
Are you a princess or will you roam with a dinosaur?

Are Christians even allowed to have fun?
We can laugh and dream.
Won't you come play with me?
We'll have fun.
You'll see.

My son helps me stay young.
He reminds me how to have fun.
We play board games.
We imagine fun adventures.
We even shoot Nerf guns.

Even horses like to have fun.
They love to jump and run.
They dance and play the day away.
Cats don't merely sleep the day away.
They like to bat and play!

Let's play!
We'll have some fun.
We'll laugh!
We'll make some amazing memories.
We'll dance in the rain.
We'll have a blast
As we relive our past!

Even though I'm posting my Five Minute Friday on a Monday, the purpose is to write for five minutes on the prompt for the week. This week's prompt was Play. You can read more posts on Play at the host blog as well as my friend, Annette, at A Net in Time

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