Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Homeschool Review Crew Review: Manhood Journey

When I saw the Manhood Journey Father's Starter Kit by Manhood Journey & City on a Hill Studio listed on our review list, I was intrigued. As I researched the company and the product, the more I knew I wanted to utilize this curriculum with my son.

As the single mother of a boy, I am often concerned that my son is getting the positive male influence he needs. Add his diagnoses of ADHD and high-functioning Autism, which skew his perspective, and the fact that my father has Vascular Dementia and isn't able to provide insight. My son attends three church youth groups and has several men from our church he knows he can always reach out to with questions and for help. Yet, I wonder: Is this enough?

Thankfully, I grew up a tomboy. My father taught me to use tools and how to build things. He showed me how to change my oil and a flat tire and how to fill my window washer fluid. I even baited my own hook when we went fishing. I cherish these skills now, especially, since I have my own son. I have enjoyed teaching him to hammer a nail and am looking forward to teaching him how to drive. He probably will never bait his own hook when fishing as he hates the slimy feel of the worm and that's fine with me. Yet, is it enough?

While the Manhood Journey Bible Study curriculum is intended for use by fathers and sons or a male mentor and boys, it worked well for me to use with my son. Honestly, women and men have different ways of thinking and processing. Having a diagnosis of Autism, my son can have difficulty getting his thoughts into words. Going through this study with my son helped ensure that I was touching upon areas where he likely needed guidance. The study focuses upon the five big rocks that symbolize a godly man. A godly man: TRUSTS God, KNOWS His Word (the Bible), PRAYS fervently, BUILDS relationships, and SERVES others. These are wholeheartedly traits I want my son to possess.

Manhood Journey Father's Starter Kit is a non-denominational Bible Study curriculum that contains a group discussion booklet, a 1-on-1 discussion booklet, 10 Maprochures, a DVD of introductory videos for all six modules of the Manhood Journey, and a copy of Wise Guys: Unlocking Hidden Wisdom from the Men Around You. Wise Guys is a small book packed full of golden nuggets of information for boys: sage advice that will help guide our sons as they grow into men of faith and integrity. This dynamic book shows them men don't have to struggle through life alone. Instead, they need to seek out mentors who can help guide and shape their lives in a positive way.

Because it was just my son and I, we primarily used the 1 on 1 study guide. The first module is called Embarking, which makes sense since this is where your journey begins. The other modules, which can be completed in any order, include: Clean Hearts (Purity), Working Well (Responsibility), Standing Strong (Battle Plan), Manhood Myths (Lie Detectors), Leading Lessons (Leadership and Serving Others). I'm looking forward to seeing what words of wisdom these additional modules will have for my son. In a chaotic world filled with negative images and selfish desires, it is refreshing to have a resource that pours truth and integrity into our sons and is driven to helping them become men of God.

The 1 on 1 study guide is filled with invaluable tips for fathers and leaders. These tips may be on how to be an active listener, how to model behaviors, or what questions to discuss. The study is broken down into sections: Building Our Relationships, Knowing God's Word, Serving Others, and Talking with God.

To learn more about the Manhood Journey Father's Starter Kit, visit their website, Facebook page, and Twitter. To learn more about Manhood Journey & City on a Hill Studio, visit their website, Facebook page, and Twitter.

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