Monday, December 19, 2011

Important Baby Born Last Night by guest blogger 10yr old Andrew

On this most special night of all, the most important baby was born: Jesus, our Savior, and the newborn King. Last night, the most illustrious star of all shone so brightly that it led the shepherds from a nearby field watching their flock and the three Magi to the town of Bethlehem where the tiny baby Jesus was lying in a manger wrapped in cloth.

One of the shepherd’s reports that, “A radiant angel appeared before us and we were very afraid. But, the angel told us not to be afraid because she brought us great news. She said that in the town of Bethlehem we would find a tiny baby wrapped in cloth, lying in a manger. She said this baby was a sign to us from God. His name was Jesus and he would be our Savior. Then, more angels appeared and praised God.”

Three Magi, or wise men who offer counsel to kings, came from the east following the brightly shining star in search of the one who was born king of the Jews. One Magi said, “Words cannot describe the overwhelming feeling of joy I felt gazing upon the newborn king.” The Magi brought gifts to show honor and respect to the baby. After bowing down  to worship Jesus, they gave him gold, incense, and myrrh.

The baby Jesus was born to Mary and Joseph. Mary said “I am honored and humbled to have been chosen to give birth to this special child. I am a virgin. God spoke this baby into being and he was suddenly growing within me.” Joseph admits, “I was skeptical at first until an angel appeared to me. I am but a simple carpenter but, I will honor God and raise this child he has given us.”

Joseph and Mary had come to Bethlehem after Caesar Augustus had ordered people to report to the town of their ancestors so they  could be counted and pay taxes. When Joseph and Mary arrived in Bethlehem, they were unable to find an inn with unoccupied rooms. Since Mary was so close to giving birth, one kind innkeeper allowed them to stay in his stable, which was actually a hole cut into the side of a mountain to house the animals of the innkeeper and his borders. 

The fact that Jesus was born last night in a stable and wrapped in cloth did not deter the angels from proclaiming this special child was born nor the shepherds and wise men from seeking him out. He was born of a virgin and will be a leader amongst his people. He is the Savior that scripture has foretold. He is our Savior, the newborn king, the Messiah.

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