Thursday, December 29, 2011

Classic VeggieTales Christmas: The Little Drummer Boy

Why would anyone want to watch cartoon veggies dance and sing? Because these veggies have true heart and teach children invaluable lessons about hope, forgiveness, kindness, generosity, and friendship. Children adore VeggieTales: they laugh at Larry's silly antics and sing along with the upbeat songs while the messages are buried deep within their hearts.

This Christmas season, Big Idea, the company that produces VeggieTales, decided to retell the story of "The Little Drummer Boy" in their own unique fashion. The story unfolds as Pa Grape tells Junior Asparagus the story of a little boy named Aaron (also played by Junior Asparagus) who had a gift for making animals dance while he played his drum. In the beginning, Aaron is very hurt and angry after his family home is destroyed. Aaron, no wanting to experience lose and hurt again, plans to isolate himself from everyone. However, God has different plans for Aaron as he leads him on a journey to a small stable where a special little baby lays in a manger. Meeting this special newborn king brings healing and peace to Aaron and renews his faith. He doesn't have much to offer in return other than the gift of a song on his drums played by his humble heart.

We may feel angry and bitter. We may feel utterly alone and lost. But, there is hope through the gift God sent us so many years ago in the form of a tiny baby wrapped in cloth and resting in a manger. A humble beginning for one who would suffer so that we may live. All we have to do in return is believe and love him with a humble heart just as Aaron learned to do in "The Little Drummer Boy."
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