Saturday, May 2, 2009

Do Not Miss Reading This Riveting Book

My Son, John, by Kathi Macias is a remarkable tale of God’s immeasurable love and limitless forgiveness. Trying to deal with an almost unbearable pain and impenetrable grief brought upon by the brutal death of a loved one, Liz Peterson and her family members are nearly torn apart when another tragedy befalls them. Author Kathi Macias captures the raw emotions of her characters and weaves them into this poignant story that shows how we can overcome tragedy with God’s strength and how powerfully healing His forgiveness is for all of us. Furthermore, Kathi Macias humanizes the offender of these brutal crimes and reminds us how God sees each of us as lambs gone astray. Lambs that need to be forgiven, loved and brought back into the fold not stigmatized, made to feel unworthy, or constantly bludgeoned for past sins. Jesus died for us all for we are all sinners who need God’s immeasurable love and limitless forgiveness!
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