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Homeschool Review Crew Review: Shepherd, Potter, Spy, -- and the Star Namer

My son and I thoroughly enjoyed reading Shepherd, Potter, Spy, -- and the Star Namer, written by Peggy Consolver - Author, for a recent review for the Homeschool Review Crew.

Shepherd, Potter, and Spy is the story of a young boy named Keshub who lives in Canaan during the Bronze Age. He is the youngest of five sons so he feels he has to prove himself worthy in the shadow of his brothers. When we first meet him, Keshub is tending his family's sheep. While in the fields, he saves the life of his cousin by scaring away a bear with just a stone and slingshot. Keshub, like most boys his age, longs for adventure. Instead, he must start working in his family's pottery business. He feels confined  by the walls. He does his jobs diligently because it is expected but he feels stifled and longs for more adventure.

During this time, the Hebrews come into Canaan. The people in Keshub's valley prepare for battle and Keshub does his part to help by becoming a spy. Finally, Keshub has found adventure. The Hebrews march around Jericho seven times and blow their trumpets as their God instructed. Then, the walls of the city come tumbling down. Now, the people of Keshub's valley are afraid. Keshub's father, an intelligent leader, begins to understand that the Hebrew's power comes from their God. Keshub's people make a treaty with the Hebrews. However, they did not reveal they were close neighbors. As a result, Joshua requests that Keshub leave his family and become his servant. Keshub goes with the Hebrews to spare the lives of his people. He bonds with Joshua and becomes very useful to the Hebrews. More importantly, Keshub begins to understand the power of their God, the One who named all of the stars in the sky. Keshub was made for such a time as this.

Anyone age ten and over would do well reading Shepherd, Potter, Spy. I truly enjoyed reading this story with my son. I specifically enjoyed the Biblical insight woven throughout the story. It truly brought the Bible to life in a new and refreshing way that I believe will enable students to embrace the teachings of the Old Testament.


Shepherd, Potter, Spy is an inspiring story, especially for tween and teen boys. Keshub is a great main character from whom students can learn what true bravery and integrity resemble. They can learn from the sacrifices Keshub makes for his family and his people. They can also learn from the loyalty and honor he shows his master, Joshua.

Olive Tree

My son was captured from the first chapter of Shepherd, Potter, Spy. I can always tell when he is truly engaged in a story because he likes to have a character of himself placed within the story. The more he reminds me to add his character, the greater his interest in the story. LOL! His character was very present in Shepherd, Potter, Spy. I could also tell he was engaged because he helped by making appropriate sound effects to match the story lines. For example, he roared like a bear when it appeared in the story. Overall, this was an excellent story and we were thrilled to be able to read and review it.

Peggy Consolver - Author does an exceptional job weaving in the details from Numbers Chapter 20 of the Bible through the book of Joshua into her fictional story. Although the book is fictional, the Biblical events and people are real. To learn more and assure accuracy about these details, Peggy joined an archeological dig with Associates for Biblical Research. She shares her experience in an article on their website. I love her zeal for learning. She is definitely an inspiration! I always tell my son; "No matter how old we are, we never stop learning and growing. Even grandma (who turns 92 today) is still learning."

Furthermore, the author created Digging Deeper Into History: A Study Guide for Shepherd, Potter, Spy -- and the Star Namer to accompany the book. The Study Guide will help students to learn even more about the true events of the Bronze Age and the Hebrew people. It will also help them determine how those events are relative to their lives today. The Study Guide also contains informative links to various websites that will provide even deeper insight and educational information.You can view a sample of the Study Guide on the author's website.

The third of six children, Peggy Consolver grew up on a wheat farm in southwest Oklahoma. By age twelve, she was cooking meals, while her parents worked in the field. Another family tradition Peggy grew up with was storytelling which is evident in her book Shepherd, Potter, Spy, and the Star Namer. Peggy married her high school sweetheart, George, and together they raised two children. Peggy enjoys teaching Sunday School and leading Women's Bible Studies. You can learn more about Peggy by visiting her Facebook page.

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