Friday, November 27, 2015

After the Rain by Rita Gerlach

My dear friend, Christian author Rita Gerlach has a new book available titled After the Rain. Rita is a gifted author who specializes in inspiring historical novels. Her words will transport you back in time to days of long ago and her rich characters will win your heart as she artistically weaves an intriguing story through descriptive words much like an artist paints a canvas.

Here is a blurb about After the Rain:

It's 1908, a year in the Edwardian Age, the year J.M. Barrie's play "What Every Woman Knows" premiered in Atlantic City and the first Model T rolled off the assembly line in Detroit. It is a year when the world faced one of its worst disasters in history, when the New Year would heal the wounds of loss.

Louisa Borden lives a privileged life in Chevy Chase, Maryland, a new and thriving community on the outskirts of Washington, DC for the well-to-do. Against the wishes of her domineering grandmother, she retreats from prospects of a loveless marriage and instead searches for what she hopes is her calling in life.

When her horse is spooked along Rock Creek. she is thrown from the saddle - an embarrassing situation for any affluent young lady. Soaking wet, bruised and humiliated, she is carried up the muddy bank to safety by Jackson O'Neil, a stranger to the city, who changes the course of everything, including the lives of all around her.

After the Rain is available on Amazon both as a Kindle edition and a paperback. Currently, the Kindle edition is free to those with Kindle Unlimited and $4.99 for those without while the paperback costs $17.73. CBD carries only the paperback edition which is currently priced at $18.03 while Barnes and Noble carries only the paperback edition which is currently priced at $17.95. Please click on the above links to check the current pricing as well as to purchase your copy of the book.

After the rain has been getting rave reviews as well: "Such an alluring fragrance 'tis After the Rain," "After the Rain is an unforgettable story," "I found this novel to be sweet, restorative, and historically intriguing," and  "After the Rain is written in such a way that it transports you back to another time and place."

Get to know the Author:

Rita Gerlach lives with her husband and two sons in a historical town nestled along the Catoctin Mountains, amid Civil War battlefields and Revolutionary War outposts in central Maryland. She was born in Washington D.C. and grew up in a large family in the Maryland suburbs.

"Romantic historical fiction that has an inspirational bent, is one way people can escape the cares of life and be transported back to a time of raw courage and ideal love," she says. "The goal of my writing is to give readers a respite from a stressful world and give them hope."

In many of her stories, she writes about the struggles endured by early colonists, with a sprinkling of both American and English history. Her genre are Inspirational Romance and Drama.

Rita is a breast cancer survivor, and incorporates into her newer fiction what she learned through her journey - courage, faith, and the precious gifts of family and friendship.

For more on Rita and her books, stop by her website and blog or check for the latest news on her Facebook author page and her Twitter feed.
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