Saturday, November 17, 2012

Finding Christmas: A Treasured Moments Book Look

Finding Christmas by talented author, Gail Gaymer Martin, will get readers hearts into the Christmas spirit with its wondrous message of hope. Finding Christmas, a timeless treasure, is filled with tender romance and just enough suspense to keep readers riveted to the pages until the very end. Readers will feel right at home with realistically crafted main characters, Joanne Fuller and Benjamin Drake, as they place their trust in God and cling to the hope only He can promise.

Trying to piece her broken heart and shattered life back together after her husband and daughter were believed to have drowned in the icy waters of Lake St. Claire Michigan nearly three years ago, Joanne Fuller feels utterly alone until long time family friend, Benjamin Drake, returns and takes on the roll of her confidant, personal cheerleader, and best friend. With what is about to unravel, Joanne will need Benjamin's strength, analytical mind, and calm presence to keep her from making any foolish decisions. Joanne starts receiving "hang-up" phone calls. Next, she receives ominous e-mails. Who could be behind this and why would that person target Joanne? As the threats begin to escalate and the danger increases, Joanne starts to become hopeful that, against all odds, somehow her daughter survived the tragic accident and is alive somewhere and desperately needs her mother to find and rescue her. While Benjamin is concerned about Joanne's well-being and safety, he never doubts her sanity. He would do anything to bring joy back into her days and would risk his own life to keep her safe. Yet, he harbors a secret that he fears could change his relationship with Joanne. Can he let go of his guilt and trust in forgiveness and love? Is Joanne's daughter alive? Will Benjamin and Joanne be able to discover the truth before the web of one man's hatred and evil can harm all that they hold dear? To find out, pick up your copy of Finding Christmas by talented author Gail Gaymer Martin today!

Don't wait  too long to purchase this great read as it is only available from Harlequin either online (which provides a 20% discount) or by phone at 1-800-873-8635 (from 7 am to 11 pm EST) while supplies last.

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