Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Review of Falls Like Lightning

Falls Like Lightning is another well written book from talented author Shawn Grady. Shawn draws upon his unique experiences as a Reno, NV firefighter and paramedic to paint a vivid image of not only the emotions his characters are feeling throughout the book but also breathes life into the element of fire. Readers will feel as though they are hanging suspended from a tree when a parachute jump goes askew and they will feel the heat from the fire as it encroaches upon them on its destructive path through the forest land. 

Silas Kent is a smokejumper who works doggedly to stop the raging path of fire that intends to kill every living thing in its path from the grass and trees to animals and humans. Silas’s childhood has left him afraid of trusting another person, of committing to a truly personal relationship. When Silas is reunited with his former love, he realizes that he must take the biggest risk of all and open his heart to loving her and her six year old daughter, Maddie.

Elle Westmore is a pilot who flies, with amazing skill, smokejumpers into the raging fires for parachute jumps into the danger so they can try to control the inferno. When Silas Kent reemerges into her life, she tries to keep her heart locked up tightly. Yet, Elle realizes that a glowing ember of love for Silas not only remains in her scarred heart but is also trying to evolve into a massive blaze.

Just as Elle and Silas are beginning to trust one another again, a suspicious engine explosion during a routine drop-off has them fighting to survive. Will Silas find Elle in time? Will Elle ever see her daughter, Maddie, again?  Is danger pursuing them? Will Silas and Elle get to explore their growing feelings for one another? To discover this amazing story of suspense, love, and God’s healing power, pick up a copy of Falls Like Lightning.

Title: Falls Like Lightning
Author: Shawn Grady
Genre: Fiction - Suspense
Publisher: Bethany House
ISBN-13: 978-0-7642-0597-2
Release Date: July 2011
Price: Varies by distributor
*e-format copies available from most distributors 
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