Sunday, November 4, 2012

Days Three and Four: Thirty Days of Thanksgiving and Blessings: A Treasured Moments Devotional

Harvest Psalm 100 

A Treasured Moments Devotional © ~ May you find God's love, hope, peace, and encouragement in each of these treasured moments I share.

Day Three of Thanksgiving and Blessings © ~ I am thankful for wonderful friends who share my faith, pray for me when I have a need, offer words of encouragement, and find ways to show God's love and spread His joy. These friends are rare treasures to be cherished. Thank you, Father, for the blessing of friendships rich in You! Help me to be a blessing to my friends as well, Father God. Let me show them Your love in my words and actions. 

Day 4 of Thanksgiving and Blessings © ~ Today is the Lord's day. My ♥ heart ♥ longs to worship my Savior this morning, to lose myself in the awe, joy, and peace that floods my being as I bask in His presence. What an amazing blessing to be able to enter God's house, without fear of being imprisoned, beaten, or executed because of my beliefs. Thank You, Father God, for religious freedom, for the honor of being able to speak freely about You and Your transforming love, for the privilege to worship You with reckless abandon, and for the ability to join with my family amidst Your loving body of believers for fellowship and accountability. I am thankful that You, Father God, will meet me wherever I am: a crowded elevator, a city street, Your house, my house, amidst chaos, in the stillness, in the middle of a crisis, in the tranquil moments. He is with me always for which I cannot even begin to express the depth of my gratitude. What a blessing to know He will never forsake us! That is His promise to me and to you, dear one. Dare to believe it and embrace the love He has waiting for you! 

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