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Raising Leaders, Not Followers by Kerry Beck Review, Giveaway, and Free Workshop

Raising Leaders, Not Followers: A Biblical Perspective of Leadership Education by my homeschool friend, Kerry Beck, releases today: Tuesday July 25, 2017. In Raising Leaders, Kerry defines Leadership and Character. Leadership and character are essential skills that every homeschool parent wants to instill in their child. They are Biblically based principles and Kerry explains how homeschool parents can provide these foundations in their child's life. She then goes on to provide strategies to help parents develop a lifelong love of learning in their children. Raising Leaders also provides practical skills that will help your children have a good work ethic, become independent learners, motivate your students to persevere, and encourage them to develop humility. Furthermore, the book provides a list of useful resources. This book is a must read for every parent who homeschools or is even considering homeschooling their child.

To celebrate her new release, Raising Leaders, Not Followers, Kerry is hosting a free online homeschool workshop today: Tuesday July 25, 2017. The workshop runs from 11:00 AM to 1:00 PM, 3:00 PM to 5:00 PM, and 7:00 PM to 9:00 PM.

Kerry will be covering:

  • How to give your kids tools of learning for a lifetime … that REALLY work
  • Biblical examples of leaders and leaders-in-training that you can follow
  • A proven method to develop a love of learning for life’s leaders
  • How to make this school year different & better from all the years past…
  • Two stages in laying the foundation for your children to become a leader
  • Three tips to instill the character of a leader at a young age
  • How you can begin this school right with your own children
  • How & where you can start to raise your kids to be leaders, not followers
  • How to develop a love of learning in your kids … at all ages!
  • Simple techniques to train your children “how to think” and be successful leaders
  • One activity you can do each day to instill a lifelong love of learning so they can lead
  • Easiest way to become a mentor to your own children this year so they are prepared as leaders
  • How & why a Biblical worldview is imperative to give your own students.
  • How to transition from teacher-directed homeschool to a more independent student-directed homeschool

  • In addition to the free online workshop, Kerry is also hosting a giveaway. To celebrate her new release, Kerry is giving away two free copies of her new book: Raising Leaders, Not Followers. There's more! If you purchase Raising Leaders, Not Followers, on July 25, 2017, you will receive free product totaling $180 in value.

    Here’s what’s included:
    • Literature ebook package  $92.75Famous Men of the Middle Ages, by Haaren & Poland (value: $16.95)
      The Story of George Washington,
      by: James Baldwin (value: $8.97)
      A Child’s Story of England,
      by: Charles Dickens (value: $16.97)
      by: Johanna Spyri (value: $9.97)
      The Call of the Wild,
      by: Jack London (value: $9.97)
      Men of Iron,
      by: Ernie Howard Pyle (value: $14.97)
      Tale of Two Cities,
      by: Charles Dickens (value: $14.97)
    • Old Fashioned Copywork & Dictation (digital)  $17
      Use the selections in this book as copywork or dictation.  You can also use these to have older children practice reading aloud clearly.  Most of this book is great for discussion topics, as well.
    • Teaching Writing ebook $10
      Discover practical tips to teach writing to your children.  Easy to follow ideas will help save you some time as you plan your next writing lessons.
      Chapters include:
      Outlining & Rewriting
      Writing with a Purpose
      Integrate Scrapbooking with Writing
      Topic Sentences
      Clincher Sentences…and more!
    • Classics Book List (Kids  / Youth  / Adult – Digital) $10
      Finding classics to read to your family has never been easier!  Lists for ALL ages.  If Mom is starting her education, she can find books that she will enjoy and move to ones that will stretch her thinking.  If big sister wants to read to the toddlers, she can choose from the Pre-School List.  When you are in the middle of independent studies, choose a book from the Youth List.
    • Help for Harried Homeschooler  (digital) $15You asked for practical tips and this has LOTS!  Sometimes it is easier to learn from charts, so I turned our Getting Started for Moms section into a chart.  I also have some schedules to get started with your children, as well as daily schedules.  Lists make it easy to find information quickly.  There are lots of lists here – Lists of Questions, Lists of Responsibilities, Lists of Character Qualities, Lists of Daily Tips.
    • Raising Leaders workshop & transcript (digital)$19
      Kerry explains the pitfalls of the conveyor belt methods and the benefits of Leadership Education. She offers specific tips to get started, to build character in your children, to develop a love of learning in your family, how to help your children shift to independence and how to mentor with classics using the tools of learning for a lifetime.

    Kerry Beck, the author of Raising Leaders, Not Followers: A Biblical Perspective of Leadership Education, is a retired homeschool mom. Kerry and her husband have been married for twenty-seven years. She graduated three homeschoolers and is anticipating the arrival of her first grandchild. Kerry is still active in the homeschool community. She strives to help other homeschool parents through her website, How to Homeschool My Child.

    Monday, July 24, 2017

    Five Minute Friday: What Will You Collect (A Poem)

    What Will You Collect?
    A Poem by God's Writer Girl

    What will you collect?
    Will you collect knickknacks
    That sit on shelves and gather dust?
    Will you collect coins
    Meant to sit in books and not be spent?
    Will you collect quilts
    That moths will eat and fray?

    What will you collect?
    Will they be earthly treasures
    That dim and gray?
    Will they be memories
    That fade with age?
    Will they be items
    Left behind when you die?

    What will you collect?
    Will you collect
    Hearts for Jesus?
    Will you gather
    Hurting souls?
    Will you help
    Those who are lost?

    What will you collect?
    Will you gather
    Weary travelers looking for home?
    Will you help
    Those oppressed and forgotten?
    Will you show them
    The love of God?

    What will you collect?
    Will your treasures
    Be in Heaven with you?
    Will you choose people over things?
    What will you choose to collect?

    © Kelly Kiggins-Lund

    Thank you for stopping by my blog today to read my original poem. Please consider stopping by Kate Motaung's site to see her newest Five Minute Friday post. Each week, Kate hosts a weekly blog post with a writing prompt encouraging writers to write on the selected topic uninterrupted and unedited for five minutes. This week's prompt was collect.

    Saturday, July 22, 2017

    Homeschool Review Crew Review: Doctor Aviation

    I'll be honest, I opted to review the Doctor Aviation online course from Doctor Aviation - the vendor because my son has a deeply rooted anxiety about flying. It is my hope that this course will help ease some of those fears. I also thought it would be fun for me to learn more about aviation as well.

    Doctor Aviation is an online program with fifteen lessons broken down into six sections. Section One is a course overview with a lesson that focuses upon the Aviation System. Section Two discusses the Aircraft with lessons on the Major Components, Axes and Forces, Airfoils and Lifts, and Turns, Pitches, and Slides. While Section Three discusses Air Traffic Control, section Four covers Aircraft Maintenance. Next, Section Five talks about Airfield Operations. Finally, Section Six focuses on the Aircraft with lessons on Pilot Instruments and other types of aircraft such as helicopters, gliders, and airships.

    The course is taught by a former Air Force Pilot who has flown various types of aircraft throughout the years. He has worked as both an Instructor as well as a Research Pilot. He has a Master's Degree from the Air Force Academy. He also served as a faculty member at the Air Force Academy and published a book on flying.

    In addition to the video segment of each lesson, there is an accompanying downloadable and printable document for Guided Notes. This form highlights the key points discussed in each session. It has numerous fill-in-the blank spots where you and your child can provide the answers as you watch the course video. Furthermore, each lesson also contains a downloadable and printable To Learn More Sheet that contains additional resources: articles and websites to help students learn even more about the topics covered. The course also includes two different downloadable and printable Examination Study Guides for practice testing prior to the two exams.

    Sample Guided Notes Lesson One
    Sample To Learn More
    Sample Examination Study Guide

    Furthermore, the sessions contain topics such as Technical Trivia which covers aircraft terminology. In Notable Innovators, flight greats such as the Wright Brothers and Amelia Earhart. Legendary Aircraft and Events talks about various types of aircraft that have impacted history and events like Lindbergh's flight and the Moon landing.

    The video segments range from a little over forty-two minutes to a little over an hour. They are filled with interesting information. My favorite part was the History of Aviation with focus on pilots like the Wright Brothers and Amelia Earhart. My teenaged son enjoyed learning more about the various types of "super-cool" aircraft. Although I'm not sure he's quite ready to ride in an airplane yet, my son did appreciate this video series. I guess you can appreciate aircraft for the ingenious craftsmanship. I think you, too, will enjoy this course.

    Below is an Intro video for the Doctor Aviation online course. It will give you a preview of the course's style.

    Dr. Aviation Intro Video from Daryl Smith on Vimeo.

    The Doctor Aviation - the vendor site offers an additional video of Session One: Course Overview - The Aviation System for your perusal.

    Thank you for stopping by to read my review. You can learn more about Doctor Aviation on Facebook and Twitter. To read additional reviews about Doctor Aviation - the vendor and the Doctor Aviation online course, visit the Homeschool Review Crew.

    Friday, July 21, 2017

    Litfuse Review: My Daughter's Legacy

    My Daughter's Legacy by Mindy Starns Clark and Leslie Gould weaves together two tales about a family with a legacy of Christian values and courage in the face of insurmountable odds. With complex characters from both the era of the Civil War and the present day, readers learn about the Talbot women. My Daughter's Legacy will keep readers turning the pages late into the night.

    About the Book:

    My Daughter's Legacy is the third book in the Cousins of the Dove Series by Mindy Starns Clark and Leslie Gould. The story features women of unfailing conviction. It tells the story of Therese Jennings during the Civil War in Virginia in 1864. Even though Therese's mother has just inherited a plantation, this Southern Belle can't even fathom owning slaves. Fleeing to Richmond, Therese works as a governess during the day and helps nurse wounded soldiers at night. In the midst of tragedy and devastation, will Therese find love?

    In present day Virginia, Nicole Talbot, a descendent of Therese, who has overcome a drug addiction and finally has her life back on a positive track. With her freshman year of college over, Nicole has returned home to reveal a shocking secret. It is a secret that centers around a traumatic event that not only affected Nicole's life but also the lives of her sister and cousins. When the truth threatens her family's legacy, will Nicole have what it takes to unlock the secrets of the past? Will the new-found relationship she has established be thwarted?

    About the Authors:

    Mindy Starns Clark is the bestselling author of more than thirty books, both fiction and non-fiction, with more than a million copies sold. Mindy and her husband, John, have two adult daughters, Lauren and Emily. Mindy and John reside in Pennsylvania.

    Leslie Gould is a former magazine editor and the author of numerous novels. Leslie's books have received several awards, including the Christy Award. She and her husband, Peter, have four children. They reside in Oregon.

    Where to Purchase:

    Barnes and Noble

    Author Chat Party and Giveaway:

    Meet two women in different eras but both with unfailing conviction in Mindy Starns Clark and Leslie Gould's new book, My Daughter's Legacy.

    Therese Jennings cannot abide the thought of owning slaves. But when trouble befalls her family, can she reconcile her obligations with her beliefs? Nicole Talbot's life is back on track after years of substance abuse. But when facts she uncovers cast doubt on her family's legacy, she must risk all that she's gained-her fresh start, her family's trust, and her growing relationship with a new man-to unlock the secrets of the past.

    Celebrate the release of Mindy and Leslie's new book by entering to win the $75 Visa Cash Card Giveaway (details below) and by attending their author chat party on August 1!

    One grand prize winner will receive:
    • One copy of My Daughter's Legacy

    • One $75 Visa Cash Card
    Enter today by clicking RSVP link below. But hurry, the giveaway ends on August 1. The winner will be announced at the My Daughter's Legacy Facebook party. RSVP for a chance to connect with Mindy, Leslie, and other readers, as well as for a chance to win other prizes!

    RSVP today and spread the word-tell your friends about the giveaway via social media and increase your chances of winning. Hope to see you on the 1st!

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    Words of Hope: July Edition

    Throughout my life, I thought that if I could just please others then I, too, would be happy and content. I would wear different masks depending upon who I was around. To be honest, it became overwhelming trying to decide what mask I was suppose to be wearing. Each person in my life had different expectations for me. I didn't know who I truly was because I was too busy trying to be the person everyone else expected of me.

    My earthly father has always had high expectations of me. Honestly, I have never felt like I measured up in his eyes. Sadly, for many years, I thought my heavenly Father had the same unreachable expectations for me. It wasn't until I finally recognized that my Abba Father's love had no bounds, no end, no conditions that I finally started living my life. When I saw myself as His beloved daughter, worthy not because of who I am or what I've done or not done but because of whose I am, I was finally free and able to be content because I was no longer trying to please anyone nor trying to buy anyone's love for me.

    Don't get me wrong. I still live my life in a way that pleases God. However, knowing His love is unconditional frees me from worrying about every move I make. Being free allows me to place my focus where it belongs: on sharing God's love with others. Being confident in God's love for me allows me to be the person God has always intended. Not worrying about making mistakes that might separate me from God's love frees me. It enables me to see His immense love for me. It permits me to no longer focus upon myself but instead focus upon others. It frees me to focus my efforts on helping others see God's immense love for them.

    My hope for each one of you, dear ones, is that you will be able to know God's immense love for you. It is deep and wide, without conditions, without end. It will be your comfort on the hard days, your anchor in the chaos, your light in the darkness, your strength when you are weak, and your hope when you feel hopeless.

    Prayer: Abba Father, help me be able to see myself through Your eyes. Help me to know my true worth as Your beloved child. Help me to know that Your love is always more than enough. God please help me to find contentment. I long to show others Your love. Help me to be a light in the darkness and show others the hope that is only found in You. In Jesus' Name, Amen!

    This post is part of my Words of Hope monthly blog hop. If you have an uplifting, encouraging post you'd like to share, please feel free to link it below.



    Wordless Wednesday: The Philadelphia Zoo

    One of my homeschooling friends hosts a weekly blog called Wordless Wednesday where we can all share our photographs. Today, I am sharing photos of the beautiful animals God created. They are from our trip to the Philadelphia Zoo.

    My boy is front of the fountain at the Philly Zoo
    The Mighty Rhino
    Hippo Hide-and-Seek
    Giant Giraffes
    Just Monkeying Around
    The Majestic Elephant
    My Ferocious Boy
    Please stop by my friend Karen's blog, Tots and Me, to see other Wordless Wednesday posts.

    Tuesday, July 18, 2017

    Litfuse Review: A Letter from Lancaster County

    A Letter from Lancaster County was my first introduction to Kate Lloyd's writing. I was impressed by her complex characters and intricate plot. I would highly recommend this book to those who like contemporary or women's fiction.

    About the Book:

    A Letter from Lancaster County is the first book in the Lancaster Discoveries series. The story revolves around two sisters, Angela and Rose. Angela is the eldest. While reeling from the death of their mother and her struggling marriage, she wonders if this is all life has to offer her. Rose is the youngest sister She hasn't ever been married nor had children but she dreams that one day soon she can have a full life. Until then, she continues to run her own business. Sadly, the two sisters have a strained relationship.

    When they receive a letter from their Aunt Sylvia in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, the two sisters decide to visit her in hopes of repairing their relationship with one another. During their visit, they learn about family secrets. Will they find the answers to life's difficult questions during their journey? Will they allow God to be their healer and find new hope? Or, will these new learned secrets drive them even further apart? To find out, pick up your copy of A Letter from Lancaster County today. You won't be disappointed.

    About the Author:

    Kate Lloyd is a bestselling author, wife, and the mother of two sons. She is a Baltimore native who now resides in the Pacific Northwest. Kate is a member of the Lancaster County Mennonite Historical Society in Lancaster, Pennsylvania.

    Where to Purchase:

    Harvest House Publishers
    Barnes and Noble

    A Letter from Lancaster County Giveaway:

    Will their sibling rivalry get in the way of these two sisters' chances at life and love? Find out in Kate Lloyd's new book, A Letter from Lancaster County.

    When a letter arrives from Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, Angela and Rose decide to visit their mother's Mennonite sister in the heart of Amish country. Angela and Rose discover surprising family secrets that add to their strife and threaten Rose's romance with a new beau. Through it all, the two sisters must find the faith necessary to face their personal problems and allow God to restore hope and healing to their hearts and relationship as only He can.

    Celebrate the release of Kate's new book by entering to win her Two Sisters, Two Winners Giveaway!

    One grand prize winner will receive:
    • A copy of A Letter from Lancaster County

    • A Kindle Fire
    Another grand prize winner will receive:
    • A copy of A Letter from Lancaster County

    • A queen-size Amish quilt
    Enter today, but hurry! The giveaway ends on July 27. The winner will be announced July 28 on the Litfuse blog.

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    Five Minute Friday: God, My Comforter

    God, My Comforter

    God, You are my Comfort.
    Your loving arms are always open.
    They provide shelter and strength
    When life seems too hard to bear.
    I'm grateful to know you are always near.

    Abba Father, Your Comfort wraps around me
    like a soft, warm blanket offering hope.
    Your peace settles over me.
    The comfort it brings is reassuring.
    It helps me stand firm.
    I will not be shaken because you are with me.

    Your love knows no bounds.
    It saves me over and over again.
    It strengthens me
    When I'm not sure I can keep persevering.
    It comforts me
    When my world is chaotic.
    Your love never fails.

    Homeschool Review Crew Review: Mapelle Films

    My family, which is multigenerational and includes my teenaged son who has a diagnosis of High-Functioning Autism and my parents, always enjoy a family movie night with a film that has a good message. Trust Fund by Mapelle Films is just that type of movie, which is why I'm glad I was chosen to write a review about it for the Homeschool Review Crew. I was also glad to have been given the opportunity to review the film's companion book entitled Love Was Near.

    The Movie:

    Trust Fund is a modern day twist on the classic Bible story about the Prodigal Son from Luke 15:11-32.  One twist that makes the movie different is that the Prodigal in Trust Fund is the younger daughter whose name is Reese. Reese is the proverbial spoiled, rich kid. She lives a life for which most people can only wish. This isn't enough for Reese, though. She wants more. More money. More power. More freedom. After all, isn't she entitled?

    The other twist is that rather than receiving her inheritance Reese stole the money from her father's business. Reese's older sister, Audrey, is angry and jealous. She feels that her sister should have to answer for what she has done. Trials grow us. They have the power to transform us. By the end of the story, Reese has learned much about who she truly is.

    Trust Fund has good messages weaved throughout its story. It is family friendly and engaging. It has an excellent cast of characters including some who may be familiar to viewers. Furthermore, the fact that Willie Garson (White Collar, Hawaii Five-O), one of my son's favorite character actors, is in the film was a huge bonus for him.

    The Book:

    Love Was Near, written by Sandra Martin, is the companion book to the movie. Although its target audience is aimed toward tween and teen girls, I used the book with my teenaged son. I discussed portions of it with him and then we discussed the thought-provoking questions in the journaling section together.

    My son didn't once groan that it was a "girly" book. Instead, he shared his insights with me freely. I liked that the book helps readers realize key truths about life. I also like the Christian themes and scripture sprinkled throughout the book as well. Most importantly, I appreciate that it identifies what love truly looks like with the greatest love being the love God has for each one of us.

    The Study Guide:

    The Mapelle Films site contains a free Study Guide that can be downloaded, saved, and printed. It discusses the main idea of the story, the characters and their main traits, scripture reference to the story of the Prodigal Son in Luke 15, thought-provoking discussion questions, and additional scripture references.

    The Company:

    Mapelle Films is the company that produced Trust Fund and its companion book Love Was Near. Isaac Alongi, who is the Producer of Trust Fund, was creating his own films at age eleven. This homeschool alumni was permitted to hone his talents and along with his wife, Sandra Martin, who authored Love Was Near, operates Mapelle Films as a company that strives to entertain and inspire. Isaac pursued his passion and has made a name for himself in a way that honors God.

    View more reviews of Trust Fund by Mapelle Films and its companion book, Love Was Near, at the Homeschool Review Crew.

    Friday, July 14, 2017

    Philadelphia Field Trip Fun

    One of my favorite places to visit is Philadelphia, Pennsylvania not only because my family resides in the suburbs but also because of its rich and woven history, vast and colorful culture, and fascinating educational resources. Won't you come visit Philly, the city of Brotherly Love, with us? I want to show you what we love best about this amazing Field Trip destination.

    Independence Hall and Liberty Bell

    The very foundation of the United States and the system that governs its people started right here in Philadelphia. As the British reign began to stifle Americans, a group of well-respected men gathered in secret to decide our nation's fate. They decided to take a stand for freedom...freedom from oppression, freedom from a greedy, unjust and unfair King George, freedom to make their own decisions and to worship God the way they desired. To me, no trip to Philadelphia is complete without a visit to Independence Hall. I still cherish the awe in my son's voice during his first visit. He was in wonder at walking on the very same ground where George Washington and Benjamin Franklin had also walked.

    The Liberty Bell, known for the crack running through it, has become the symbol of liberty with its bold inscription "Proclaim Liberty Throughout All the Land Unto All the Inhabitants thereto." This inscription comes from Leviticus 25:10.

    Betsy Ross House

    Our flag is a mighty symbol as it waves through the air. The red stands for valor and hardiness while the white symbolizes innocence and purity and the blue represents vigilance, perseverance, and justice. When the flag was originally designed, it held thirteen stars that represented the thirteen colonies. Now, the flag boasts fifty stars for the fifty states of the United States of America. Betsy Ross is credited with making our nation's first flag. The Betsy Ross House is not only to commemorate her memory but also a testimony of our nation's flag.

    Benjamin Franklin Museum

    One of our nation's Founding Fathers, Benjamin Franklin, had a tremendous impact on American History. Ben was a statesman, an author, a publisher, an inventor, a scientist, a diplomat and more. He not only ran a publishing company in Philadelphia but also started the first public library and built a hospital and college for his beloved city. He also established the city's first fire department and police force as well as organized the Pennsylvania militia. The Benjamin Franklin Museum is a living testimony to the great contributions this remarkable man made to Philadelphia, the United States, and the world.

    Philadelphia Museum of Art

    Known to many for its steps that Rocky ran up in the famed movie scene, the Philadelphia Museum of Art houses a trove of visual, cultural, and architectural treasures. This is a good destination to earn those Fine Arts credit hours.

    Philadelphia Zoo

    Lions, Tigers, and Bears! Oh My! The Philadelphia Zoo has all of these and more as you can see from the pictures above that I snapped on one of our visits. My son loved seeing all of these beautiful animals created by God.

    Academy of Natural Sciences of Drexel University

    What boy isn't fascinated by dinosaurs? The Academy of Natural Sciences at Drexel University has some of the most amazing specimens of dinosaur skeletal remains I have ever seen. They have a full-body skeleton of both a Tyrannosaurus Rex and a Triceratops. These mighty creatures of old are immense.

    Franklin Institute

    For those who love Science, the Franklin Institute is a must-see destination. This hands-on science center offers children the opportunity to "Take Chances and Make Mistakes" as the famous Miss Frizzle is so fond of saying.


    As a child, I visited Philadelphia with my family on one of our trips to see my Uncle Dave. One of the places that I enjoyed seeing was Chinatown. I was fascinated by the different smells, sounds, and sights of this little section of Philadelphia. I'm hoping to get my son there during our next trip to visit family in the fall.

    I'm glad you stopped by my blog today and joined me as I revisited Philadelphia through cherished memories! To get further inspiration for Field Trips, visit the Homeschool Review Crew.

    South Central Pennsylvania Field Trip Ideas

    Where we live in South Central Pennsylvania is an area rich in Field Trip opportunities. We have theaters, museums, history, educational fun, and sports teams. Let me share some of the fun memories we've made while learning.

    Gettysburg is steeped with history. Visit the Gettysburg National Military Park to learn about what is considered one of the bloodiest battles of the Civil War with over 50,000 casualties. This battle changed the trajectory of the Civil War and was a win the North desperately needed. Gettysburg was also home to our thirty-fourth President, Dwight D. Eisenhower. Eisenhower was also a five-star general in the United States Army and served during World War II. The Eisenhower farm not only serves as a memorial for our former President but also teaches visitors about the Secret Service.

    Take me out to the ball game! For it's one, two, three strikes you're out at the old ball game! My son and I enjoy attending ball games together. We've seen the Harrisburg Senators play on City Island. We've watched the Lancaster Barnstormers win. Mostly, we've rooted on our favorite team, the York Revolution.

    Since he was little, my son has been enamored with trains. Some of our fondest memories are built upon Field Trips we've taken to see trains. We enjoyed a history themed ride aboard a train with Steam into History where we met Abraham Lincoln. We've visited the Strasburg Rail Road numerous times. While in Strasburg, we've also visited the Railroad Museum of Pennsylvania and the National Toy Train Museum.

    If you love ice cream, then you will want to visit the Turkey Hill Experience and learn the science behind this delicious treat. You'll truly enjoy making your own ice cream concoction. Yum!

    For a cultural experience, we visited the Indian Steps Museum to learn more about the Native Americans who once inhabited our area. Our favorite Fine Arts experiences have occurred at the Harrisburg Symphony Orchestra where conductor Stuart Malina is a marvel and his passion for music is passed along to the students visiting. My son especially enjoyed listening to the York Symphony Orchestra play some of his favorite movie soundtracks including Harry Potter, Star Wars, and Indiana Jones.

    There is nothing like the delicious smell of chocolate wafting through the air as you take the tour at Chocolate World. Yum! In addition, you learn more about not only chocolate and how it is made but also about Milton Hershey himself. Hershey Park offers more than just amusement rides. They offer aquatic opportunities and fun shows including one with dolphins. While you are at Hershey Park, you will want to stop by Zoo America and see the different animals who call it home. Hershey is also home to the Hershey Story Museum.

    One of the best educational experiences can be found at the U. S. Army Heritage and Education Center. There we learned a myriad of information about the various conflicts in which the United States has been engaged. Not only were my mother and I able to bring in personal elements by sharing our family's history of service but they also offer a program that allows you to follow a soldier through the war in which he bravely fought.

    Enter stage right! What educational experience would be complete without a visit to the theater. We have enjoyed some great shows at the Dutch Apple Dinner Theater where the cast answers questions from the audience during their children's shows. We have also enjoyed marvelous shows at Dreamwright's Youth and Family Theater as well as the Gettysburg Community Theatre.

    Our area is also abundant in museums. My son and I enjoy visiting the Cumberland County Historical Society Museum where Mr. March keeps the children engaged in their educational programs. Another favorite is the Oakes Museum of Natural History at Messiah College. Their staff is amazing with my son. They offer fun educational programs that keep the children engaged in the learning process. We also visited the Wright's Ferry Mansion. Other museums include the National Civil War Museum, the State Museum of Pennsylvania, the Pennsylvania Fire Museum, and the Whitaker Center.

    If you love animals, then you will want to visit Lake Tobias Wildlife Park. They offer educational opportunities with their knowledgeable zookeepers, a zoo filled with amazing exotic animals, and a safari tour that allows you to get up-close to these amazing creatures created by God.

    Thank you for stopping by my blog today. To gain additional Field Trip inspiration, visit the Homeschool Review Crew.