Saturday, January 28, 2017

Blogging Through the Alphabet - Words of Hope - Letter B

Letter B is for Believe

If you were to come to my house for a visit, you will see the word Believe scattered throughout on pictures, vases, plaques, and little trinkets. Honestly, I love this word. Believe reminds me of my faith, my connection to my loving Abba Father. In addition, it serves as a reminder to keep trusting especially when life is messy and chaotic and complicated. To me, Believe is about desperately holding on to something you know in your heart is true even if you can't see the evidence. For example, we believe that wind exists even though it is not visible to the naked eye. We can see its effects when the tree limbs dance on the wind or when we feel its cooling caress against our skin. We simply Believe. That is exactly what faith is all about: Believing in God's deep, unconditional, never-ending, and passionate love for us and trusting that He is working in our lives for our good even when we can't see His hands moving we have to Believe that His love is sufficient enough to get us through anything and everything.

What Does Believe Mean:

Merriam Webster Dictionary describes Believe as having a firm religious faith; accepting something as true, genuine, and real; having a firm conviction as to the goodness and efficacy, or the ability to produce a desired result,  of something; having a strong opinion; considering something to be true or honest; accepting the evidence; and being astounded at.

Believe is synonymous with trust, know, regard, imagine, claim, challenge, defend, gather, glean, theorize, suspect, understanding, acceptance, predict, reason, cherish, nurture, hope, desire, foresee, and accept.

Believe means hope, which is something we all need to desperately hold onto especially in our turbulent world. God is hope and gives hope as His mercies are new every day. I love that Believe is synonymous with nurture because that is what our faith is about: nurturing our love relationship with our Savior. Finally, Believe is synonymous with cherish. Our relationship with God is something special to be cherished.

What Does Scripture Say About Believe:

Scripture has several references to the word Believe. Mark 1:15 states, "'The time has come,' he said. 'The kingdom of God has come near. Repent and Believe the good news." God longs to have a love relationship with us that lasts long into eternity. The ONLY way to continue this relationship for eternity is to accept the good news: God sent His one and only Son to Earth to die upon a cross for our sins so that we may no longer be separated from Him because of our sins. By accepting Jesus into our hearts, asking for forgiveness, and Believing that God's Word is inerrantly true.

When we truly Believe in something, we don't hide it away and keep it a secret. Instead, we want to shout the truth from the rooftops so that everyone else can know and Believe as well. In the Bible, Jesus instructs us to share our belief with others. In Mark 16:15 Jesus states, "Go into all the world and preach the gospel to all creation. Whoever Believes and is baptized will be saved, but whoever does not Believe will be condemned."

We Believe by Newsboys

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