Sunday, March 1, 2009

Review of "Along Came Jones"

Although this book was published several years ago, copies can still be obtained. My love for reading and collecting books is my one true vice. Thus, I have accumulated quite a collection of great reading material. Unfortunately, that means some really great books, like this one, sit upon my shelf just waiting to be opened and absorbed.

Title: "Along Came Jones"

Author: Linda Windsor

With realistic characterization, Linda Windsor, drawls the reader into the believable struggles that befall a young woman after she makes some poor choices in life. Deanna Manetti, a young businesswoman hailing from New York, transfers to Montana in hopes of climbing the corporate ladder to even greater success and thinking she has found a loving relationship with her new boss. Unbeknownst to Deanna, her boss implicates her as his accomplice in a money laundering/embezzlement scheme. Not only do the police have all sorts of questions for her, but the mob wants the stolen money returned to them. Deanna finds herself in more trouble than she can handle and is unsure of whom to trust or where she can turn for help. Attempting to flee from the mess that has become her life, Deanna literally collides with God's solution in the form of retired US Marshall, Shep Jones. After sustaining a life altering injury, Shep retreats to his homestead located amidst a ghost town in the Montana hills of Buffalo Butte. His former job in law enforcement makes Shep suspicious by nature. He senses something about his attractive, new guest that has him questioning what she is running from. Fighting attraction along the way, Shep vows to keep Deanna safe. Surrounded by the simplistic life on Shep's ranch, Deanna is reminded of her childhood faith and finds herself drawn into the community of believers in Buffalo Butte, which is filled with lively characters and welcoming love. The witty dialogue between characters will have you laughing out loud. This book is a must read for any inspirational romance enthusiast.
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