Tuesday, August 15, 2017

What I Can't Homeschool Without - School Supplies

What can't I homeschool without? I would be lost without my laptop computer. We utilize it daily for lessons and record keeping. We also use the television on a frequent basis to view educational programs whether on video, streaming via the computer or via our Roku, or on our local public broadcasting channel. A CD player comes in handy for playing audiobooks whether at home or on the go in the car. No matter where we are, we can always homeschool. Life is a learning journey and the world is our classroom.

Now, I realize these are all considered big ticket items. However, technology does play a tremendous role in schooling today. Yet, we'd be lost without the traditional school supplies as well. We utilize highlighters to mark text and help my son study. Everyone needs colored pencils and paints for creativity purposes. Furthermore, I've found that doodling and coloring while listening to lessons helps my son keep focused. This was a tactic I utilized in college to help focus my own ADD brain. Since my son has a diagnosis of ADHD, I thought it was worth trying with him as well.

Personally, I would be lost without sticky notes and flags. I utilize them to stay organized, write down key points I want to remember, and mark reading passages in various books. Otherwise, I would be a scattered mess and waste time looking up pages.

What are your favorite school supplies? Please feel free to share in the comments! I'm glad you decided to stop by my blog today. Please stop by the Homeschool Review Crew to learn what other crew members utilize for their school supplies. I hope to see you tomorrow for our Planning and Paperwork posts on our 5 Days of Back to School Blog Hop.

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