Saturday, July 22, 2017

Homeschool Review Crew Review: Doctor Aviation

I'll be honest, I opted to review the Doctor Aviation online course from Doctor Aviation - the vendor because my son has a deeply rooted anxiety about flying. It is my hope that this course will help ease some of those fears. I also thought it would be fun for me to learn more about aviation as well.

Doctor Aviation is an online program with fifteen lessons broken down into six sections. Section One is a course overview with a lesson that focuses upon the Aviation System. Section Two discusses the Aircraft with lessons on the Major Components, Axes and Forces, Airfoils and Lifts, and Turns, Pitches, and Slides. While Section Three discusses Air Traffic Control, section Four covers Aircraft Maintenance. Next, Section Five talks about Airfield Operations. Finally, Section Six focuses on the Aircraft with lessons on Pilot Instruments and other types of aircraft such as helicopters, gliders, and airships.

The course is taught by a former Air Force Pilot who has flown various types of aircraft throughout the years. He has worked as both an Instructor as well as a Research Pilot. He has a Master's Degree from the Air Force Academy. He also served as a faculty member at the Air Force Academy and published a book on flying.

In addition to the video segment of each lesson, there is an accompanying downloadable and printable document for Guided Notes. This form highlights the key points discussed in each session. It has numerous fill-in-the blank spots where you and your child can provide the answers as you watch the course video. Furthermore, each lesson also contains a downloadable and printable To Learn More Sheet that contains additional resources: articles and websites to help students learn even more about the topics covered. The course also includes two different downloadable and printable Examination Study Guides for practice testing prior to the two exams.

Sample Guided Notes Lesson One
Sample To Learn More
Sample Examination Study Guide

Furthermore, the sessions contain topics such as Technical Trivia which covers aircraft terminology. In Notable Innovators, flight greats such as the Wright Brothers and Amelia Earhart. Legendary Aircraft and Events talks about various types of aircraft that have impacted history and events like Lindbergh's flight and the Moon landing.

The video segments range from a little over forty-two minutes to a little over an hour. They are filled with interesting information. My favorite part was the History of Aviation with focus on pilots like the Wright Brothers and Amelia Earhart. My teenaged son enjoyed learning more about the various types of "super-cool" aircraft. Although I'm not sure he's quite ready to ride in an airplane yet, my son did appreciate this video series. I guess you can appreciate aircraft for the ingenious craftsmanship. I think you, too, will enjoy this course.

Below is an Intro video for the Doctor Aviation online course. It will give you a preview of the course's style.

Dr. Aviation Intro Video from Daryl Smith on Vimeo.

The Doctor Aviation - the vendor site offers an additional video of Session One: Course Overview - The Aviation System for your perusal.

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