Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Homeschool Review Crew Review: Planet 316

We recently had the opportunity to do a fun review for Planet 316's Daily Bible Jigsaw Game.

Anyone can play the Daily Bible Jigsaw Game for Free. The Daily Bible Jigsaw is available for play on Facebook, Facebook Gameroom, Google Play Store, and Apple App Store. When you connect Daily Bible Jigsaw to your Facebook account, you can even challenge your friends to timed games. Each day you log into the game, you get a new game to play. You can even earn coins to use to purchase additional puzzles and tools to help you solve puzzles more quickly.

Daily Bible Jigsaw promotes a healthy, active mind. It also helps one relax after a stressful day. Because it is an online game, I don't have to worry about any of the pieces getting lost or not being in the box, which would frustrate my son who has a diagnosis of Autism. With Daily Bible Jigsaw, he can complete a puzzle and not become frustrated. He likes to use the tools to rotate all of the pieces to the proper direction and then use the edges tool to form the edges of the puzzle first. Both of these tools require coins. Therefore, I play the game and earn free coins for him to use when he plays. You earn coins by playing the game and earning rewards: playing in a certain amount of time, playing so many puzzles a week, and other various tasks. The puzzles are also good for problem solving skills as well as spatial reasoning. Therefore, they do serve an educational purpose.

Unsolved Puzzle

Completed Puzzle - Scripture Verse

What I like best about the Daily Bible Jigsaw are the beautiful pictures and inspiring Scripture verses each puzzle reveals once solved. The Bible verses are uplifting and also help ease the tension of a chaotic day and remind me of God's loving presence.

Challenge Your Friends

Try Daily Bible Jigsaw by Planet 316 for yourself. It is fun and entertaining. It is educational. It is free! It is addictive. You will enjoy it. Your children will enjoy it. Furthermore, it is uplifting.

You can learn more about Planet 316 on Facebook and Twitter. To read additional reviews, please stop by the Homeschool Review Crew site and see what the other members are saying.

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