Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Review of Waiting for Wonder by Marlo Schalesky for Litfuse Publicity

Waiting for Wonder: Learning to Live on God's Timeline, a new release by Christian author Marlo Schalesky, takes a unique look at waiting on God's timing. Let's be honest. How many of us are good at waiting? Through waiting for wonder, Marlo looks at the long wait Sarai had to endure while waiting for God's promise to be fulfilled. In Genesis 17:19, God promised that Sarai would bear a son to Abraham. This promise wasn't fulfilled until she was 90 years old! How was she able to endure such a long wait? Did she doubt God's promise? Did she wait patiently? Did she try to take matters into her own hands? Did she get discouraged? Did she grow weary?

While we are enduring trials, suffering, and in the midst of what can feel like a spiritual drought, waiting can seem like an impossible task because the situation is completely out of our control. Let's face the truth. None of us truly like letting go of our control over our lives. In unraveling Sarai's story for her readers, Marlo helps us learn the value in waiting. Waiting not only draws us closer to God but the true wonder is that in our waiting His glory is also revealed for all to see. We become a living testament to His works in us and through us. Marlo reminds us of this not only through Sarai's story but also through myriad other Biblical characters whose waiting served a far greater purpose than they could ever imagine: the blind beggar, the Samaritan woman at the well, King David, Noah, Daniel, Joseph, and Lazarus. He is the God of miracle. He is the God of you.

If you find yourself in a place of waiting or have ever wondered why God makes us wait, I recommend you read Waiting for Wonder: Learning to Live on God's Timeline by Marlo Schalesky.

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Marlo Schalesky is an award-winning author of ten books, including “Wrestling with Wonder: A Transformational Journey Through the Life of Mary.” A regular speaker and columnist, she has also published nearly 1,000 articles in various Christian magazines, including “Focus on the Family,” “Today’s Christian Woman,” “In Touch,” and “Marriage Partnership.” Marlo lives with her husband, six young children, nine horses, two dogs, five cats, two parakeets, ten rabbits, two chinchillas, three hamsters, and a bunch of fish in a log home in Salinas, California. To learn more about Marlo, visit her author website. To learn about additional books written by Marlo, please take a moment to browse the books page on her author website. Marlo also provides hope and encouragement through her Reader Page on Facebook.

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Waiting for Wonder Marlo Schalesky 
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