Wednesday, July 18, 2012

God Inspired Images: Introducing AKH Photography

It is my honor to introduce my dear friend, Angie Johnson Hack, and her amazing photography. I have known Angie since we waited for the bus together on our first day of kindergarten all those years ago. Angie has a heart for God and her artist's eye captures His beauty in the world around us through landscape and wildlife photographs. Angie also has an eye for capturing the Amish in their natural environment as they attend to their daily chores. Grab a cool glass of lemonade to refresh you on this hot summer day and sit down to visit with Angie and I. 

Who is the artist behind AKH Photography? The Artist behind AKH Photography is the Lord. Then, the Lord inspires me, Angie Hack. He points my camera at His creations and I just capture what the Lord provides me…A beautiful image made by our FATHER but captured by my camera.  

What do you enjoy doing in your free time? Photography, fixing computers, matting and framing my photography and meeting new people my photography directs me too. Also, enjoying time with my children and husband. I also love to Facebook with family and friends. I enjoy spending time at my family’s cabin along the Susquehanna River near Montgomery, PA as well.

How did you become involved in photography? I gave up on photography for years. I would take the photos but wouldn’t do much with them. I have health issues that put me down for days and special needs children that I need to be a mother to. This year my pain and suffering took me to a Rheumatologist. Then, they referred me to a Psychologist that deals with pain management. She asked me what I like to do. I told her that I enjoy photography. I have loved photography since high school. My first real camera was a pinhole shoebox camera I made myself and the picture was developed in the high school darkroom. She asked why I quit. Also, she asked if there was one thing I have been dreaming of doing. I answered her by saying going to Arizona. She asked me what is stopping you from going.  I said money is a problem and I am AFRAID of flying. Well…after that session, I booked a flight to Arizona to see my family and the photo session began. It was my first time to fly, first time to stay alone in Philly the day before my flight, and the first time I drove 3 hours to Philly. When I returned home, I unloaded the beautiful pictures from my camera. One day, an artist friend stopped by the house and asked me if I wanted to display my pictures in her art gallery. I had an artist reception on June 15th and now my success is all because of God’s will!! God is Good!!

What type of photography services do you provide? I do photography of “God’s subjects with his backdrops provided to me by HIM.” I do nature, landscape, wildlife and architecture photography. My signature trademark style includes photography of the Amish.

Of the moments you’ve captured, which is your favorite and why? I really don’t have a favorite. Everything I look at is a picture to me and that is why I need the camera in my hands at all times.  If I really had to pick a favorite to submit to a photography magazine it would be my photograph entitled “Buying a Slingshot,” a picture of two little Amish boys looking at a vendor’s display wondering if they should use their hard earned money to purchase it. And, the second would be of the one little boy who purchased that slingshot as he was playing with it in the field.

Where do you draw inspiration from for your photographs? God inspires me …but it’s also where I am at the moment and what happens in that moment that inspires my photographs.

Where can people go to see your photographs on display? AKH Photography can be seen on blogspot at and on my website, and on Facebook under AKH photography.

What is your favorite subject to photograph? Whatever captures my eye…mainly country scenery or items.

How do you handle photographing the Amish with their religious belief about graven images? People overwork this concept in their minds. In this area, the Amish are more liberal. They may have their pictures taken but “CAN’T POSE.”  The Amish in the tourist areas believe more strongly against having their pictures taken. I usually take pictures where the Amish gather in public settings that I am allowed at as well.  In our area, there are Amish consignment sales and that is where I captured a lot of my Amish pictures.  Amish folk were throwing themselves in front of my cameras. I literally had to ask one boy to stop jumping in my shots. He is the one on my slingshot picture at the left. He was also in my “sale day” picture. I also just stop on the road and take a “brief” photo shoot of them doing their daily chores. Also, a lot of my neighbors are Amish and taking pictures of my neighbors is innocent in its own way. Taking pictures of the back of my subjects is another one of my trademarks. I also take the pictures of the backs of people to help my laziness…when I say laziness, I mean paperwork. If you take a picture of anyone, Amish or not, you should always have release papers with you for them to sign saying its okay to photograph them or sell their image I captured.

What has God been teaching you lately? Patience!!!! He has been teaching me patience. When I am behind the camera, you cannot hurry a shot. You will get a blurry image if you hurry. You might spend a day shooting a thousand frames and when you get home to view them, you might have 2 AWESOME shots out of all of them. Also, He is teaching me patience in the selling aspect. It takes awhile to generate a clientele. That is why we are considered “Starving Artists.”

How can people get in contact with you to discuss your services? They can check out my Facebook pages, website or blogger site.  Also, I can be emailed at or by phone (570) 437-2484.

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