Saturday, September 12, 2009

A Hodgepodge of characters and delectable recipes

In A Taste of Fame: The Potluck Catering Club, a group of six colorful characters, connected by good food, friendship and faith, make for a heartwarming, and mouthwatering, story that will tease the taste buds, tug on the heartstrings, and provide a good dose of laughter as well. Whether the reader has read the previous Potluck Club books or is meeting these ladies for the first time, the characters will soon feel like old friends.

Meet the lively cast of characters:
Evangeline “Evie” Vesey: She is the founder of the Potluck Club as well as the wife of the local Sheriff. Although Evie is a good cook, she is happiest when she micromanaging the lives of everyone around her.

Lizzie Prattle: Lizzie is a librarian at the local High School. She is the sensible one of the group. Lizzie allows her unwavering faith to guide her. Because her job and family responsibilities keep her busy, Lizzie’s favorite meals are those that are quick and easy to prepare.

Goldie Dippel: The belle of the group, she embraces cooking, life and love full of Southern grace and charm. This legal secretary is married to a coach with a wondering eye.

Lisa Leann Lambert: This is one woman who knows what she wants, which is to be in control and to be influential in the community. This bridal boutique owner is also the President of Potluck Catering Club.

Vonnie Westbrook: Vonnie is the charming nurturer if the group. This retired nurse came face to face with the child she secretly gave birth to years before.

Donna Vesey: This feisty member of the Potluck Club confronts evil as she seeks truth and justice while serving her community as a Deputy Sheriff.

The latest venture of the Potluck Club finds these six friends as the newest contestants of the reality TV show Great Party Showdown in New York, New York. The humor of the authors shines through in this newest addition to The Potluck Catering Club series. Pick up a copy of A Taste of Fame today to see if this hodgepodge group can preserve the ties of friendship in the crux of the ruthless world of reality TV.

Title: A Taste of Fame (The Potluck Catering Club)
Genre: fiction: Women’s lit
Publisher: Revell: A division of Baker Publishing Group
ISBN-13: 978-0-8007-3209-7
Release Date: September 2009
Price: $13.99
Available at: Amazon,, Barnes and Noble, Borders, local Christian bookstores

In conjunction with their newest addition, A Taste of Fame, to their fiction series, The Potluck Catering Club, Christian authors Linda Evans Shepherd and Eva Marie Everson have created The Potluck Club Cookbook: Easy Recipes to Enjoy with Family and Friends. The cookbook is filled with delicious recipes will have even the reluctant cook in the kitchen concocting mouthwatering dishes. Typical of a potluck meal, the cookbook is filled with fun, a variety of foods, and love. To whet the reader’s appetite even more, the book even provides excuses for trying new foods with its list of suggestions for holding potluck meals. To be the complimented on a delectable dish, pick up a copy of The Potluck Club Cookbook and prepare one of the recipes to take to the next church potluck dinner.

Title: The Potluck Club Cookbook
Genre: non-fiction: cookbook
Publisher: Revell: A division of Baker Publishing Group
ISBN-13: 978-0-8007-3349-0
Release Date: September 2009
Price: $14.99
Available at: Amazon,, Barnes and Noble, Borders, local Christian bookstores

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