Monday, September 14, 2009

Astounding Debut Novel

In her debut novel, The Frontiersman’s Daughter, newcomer Laura Frantz has intricately woven the accurate details of history, which add to the story’s unique quaintness rather than detracting from it with cumbersome dates and details, with a compelling story of a young woman’s life in the Appalachian hills of Kentucky during the time of the Revolutionary War. Beautiful, determined and vivacious accurately describe Lael Click. Born the daughter of a famous frontiersman, Lael is at that difficult stage in a young woman’s life when she must decide who she is and what she believes in. This task is made even more difficult when a handsome Scottish doctor with an unshakable faith not only sets up residence in her idyllic homeland but also sets her world off kilter by causing her to question her own beliefs. Will Lael find redemption in God’s grace? Will she give her heart to her Simon (her childhood love), Captain Jack (who was raised by the Shawnee to be a warrior), or Ian (the handsome Scottish doctor)? The answers to these questions await you along with a lively host of characters in Laura Frantz’s The Frontiersman’s Daughter from Revell.

More about the author: Laura Frantz credits her 100 yr old grandmother for her love of history. As a little girl, living in the hills of Kentucky, Laura and her cousins would dress in pioneer costume’s and act out the stories of Daniel Boone, the Shawnee, and other early settlers, which includes her own family lineage. Laura went abroad to study the British perspective of the American Revolution. A former teacher and social worker, Laura has an array of interesting topics dealing with the 18th century, her thoughts on Bible verses, and the activities of her family (her husband and 2 sons) on her blog.
Title: The Frontiersman’s Daughter
Author: Laura Frantz
Genre: Fiction-Historical
Publisher: Revell a division of Baker Publishing Group
ISBN-13: 978-0-8007-3339-1
Release Date: August 2009
Price: $ 13.99
Available at: Amazon, Christianbook, Barnes and Noble, Borders, and local Christian retailers
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