Monday, July 29, 2013

Book Launch: Keeper of Reign by Emma Right {Giveaway - $100 Amazon Gift Card!}


About the Book:

Books written in blood.
Most are lost, 
their Keepers with them. 
A curse that befell
a people. A Kingdom with
no King. Life couldn't
get more harrowing for 
the Elfies, a blend of 
Elves and Fairies. 
Or for sixteen-year-old
Jules Blaze. Or could it? 
For Jules, the heir of
a Keeper, no less, 
suspects his family 
hides a forgotten secret. 
It was bad enough that
his people, the Elfies
of Reign, triggered 
a curse which reduced 
the entire inhabitants
to a mere inch centuries
ago. All because of one
Keeper who failed his 
purpose. Even the King's
Ancient Books, did not
help ward off that anathema. 
Now, Gehzurolle, the evil
lord, and his armies of 
Scorpents, seem bent on
destroying Jules and his
family. Why? Gehzurolle's
agents hunt for Jules as
he journeys into enemy 
land to find the truth.
Truth that could save him
and his family, and 
possibly even reverse the
age-long curse. Provided
Jules doesn't get himself
killed first.

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