Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Amazing New Romanic Suspense Novel from Robin Caroll

Robin Caroll has once again weaved together a marvelous story filled with heart-stopping suspense and a charming love story in her latest release Injustice for All. God’s immense love for His children is vividly displayed as He guides the story’s beautiful, feisty heroine, former FBI consultant Remington Wyatt, as she tenaciously attempts to stay one step ahead of an unlikely enemy after witnessing the death of her godfather. She knows how to cover her tracks and has managed to stay hidden for three years until a nosy FBI agent arrives in town asking questions about her godfather’s death. God places two men of integrity in her path to protect her and help her regain control of her life. One is Police Commissioner, Hayden Simpson, who has become her dearest friend with whom she shares a deep sibling type of love. The ruggedly handsome hero is FBI agent, Rafe Baxter, who is following the leads of a cold case file and must work diligently to uncover the truth after being reassigned to a new office and feeling like the odd man out. He took the transfer out of a deep sense of loyalty and guilt so that his partner and closest friend can stay and continue to get his young daughter the medical assistance she needs to survive. Both Remington, who is angry at God and thinks He has forsaken her, and Rafe, who has allowed guilt to prevent him from truly living his life, need to work through their pasts and wounded hearts. Once God begins the healing process in both Remington and Rafe, a tender love begins to blossom between them. Who can Remington trust? Will they be able to gather enough evidence to uncover the truth and give Remington her freedom back? Will they catch the murderers before they can silence Remington? Will Remington and Rafe be able to embrace the future God is leading them towards? To find out, pick up a copy of Robin Caroll’s Injustice for All. Robin Caroll is phenomenal when it comes to writing romantic suspense!

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