Monday, December 12, 2011

Timely Christmas Story

A Christmas Journey Home: Miracle in a Manger tells the story of two women who have faced recent tragedies and hardships. It will take a miracle, not unlike the miracle of Christ's birth, to bring healing, redemption, peace and love into their hearts.

Isabella Alcantara is an illegal immigrant left for dead after coyotes steal her money. She and her husband only wanted a better life for their unborn child then the extreme violence, gangs, and drugs that accompanied their life in Mexico. Isabella is all alone after her husband dies. Yet, she finds herself comforted and able to persevere because of God's presence with her along her perilous journey.

Miriam Nelson has become an angry, bitter woman after her husband, a border patrol agent, is killed while on duty. It takes a miracle and the wisdom of her young son to gently lead Miriam back to a personal relationship with God.

Remarkable characters, who like many of us face struggles in life, being shown God's immeasurable grace. This is a story from the heart of a woman who listens to the stories God whispers to her. Kathi Macias written more than 30 books for various publishers and is truly a gifted wordsmith.

Kathi's books are available online at: Amazon, Barnesand Noble, and Christianbook.

To learn more about author Kathi Macias visit her website and her blog.
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